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The bed at the front of the garden was dominated by another large conifer. The grass in the bed was very poor and cutting it was difficult as you had to lift the machine up to reach the grass. We decided to dig it over and make it a colourful bed to be visible from the Living Room Window.
There is a very nice Acer palmatum at one end and a decent Hydrangea macrophylla at the other. There is also an Escallonia. Big problem with Lysimachia Firecracker between the Acer and the Hydrangea. Other shrubs in it were Euonymus japonica. There is also a large clump of Agapanthus and a big Hosta.
At the bottom end there are two Rhododendron Cunningham’s White

One of the few decent Heathers next to the Rhododendrons

I used Round up on the grass rather than skimming it off.

Removing the Conifer was next. I left a tall stump to make it easier to lever out the roots.

It did leave a fairly big hole.

Digging began. I added lots of well rotted leaf mould as I dug.

The soil is rather poor and clay so digging was not that easy and it did take a while.

Planting begun.

Looking through the Living room window.

We have had new large paned windows installed since these were taken

I mulched over the soil with leaf mould after spreading fertiliser on it.

Getting there.

Reasonably colourful.

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That is a large space, you've made it look really tidy. Can't wait to see it when when the plants and shrubs start to bloom. Well done.

2 Oct, 2020


you must be as fit as the proverbial butcher's dog with all that digging. this bed will be beautiful and what a lovely view from the house too.

2 Oct, 2020


The bed looks so much better than before. I admire your perseverance. Next year when it all fills out with the new beds and structural changes you have made, it will be a picture.

2 Oct, 2020


Great work. It's looking good already. You must be a very fit lady! Don't over do it & come a cropper like I did a week ago :-( Not a pleasant experience .

3 Oct, 2020


A lot of hard work but that large bed is going to look great as it matures.

8 Oct, 2020


I'm glad the Acer was kept. It a lovely colour at present.

8 Oct, 2020

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