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At the bottom of the garden near to the gate there is a length of tall Leylandii hedging. It is too tall for me to reach to cut the top and in any case I am slightly allergic to the resin, It had to go.

Looking at the hedge from the outside where our neighbours park their cars.

Looking from the Drive. We rather like the Lion,Witch and the Wardrobe lamppost.

From the inside.

The base of the hedge was dead and full of weeds

From the bottom of the garden

Cleared out so I could begin cutting back.

The section by the Lamppost cut down and cleared out

Made a beginning on the Drive side.

There is a lot of brash to be removed’

The dead stuff from the base, looking down the garden.

We left a tall stems so we could use them as a lever to remove the stump from the ground.

The branches and stumps I took to the Re-cycling yard. Would have been better to shred them and use as mulch, but conifers do not shred easily until they are very dry and there was a lot of it.

As you can see it gave us a couple more metres of garden behind the shed.

The fence posts, fence panels and base boards were far too heavy for us to move. They would only delver to the bottom of the drive so it would have been a long hard job to fetch them up to the site. So, we decided to use a professional Fencing contractor.

We think they made a rather good job of it.

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well that makes a difference and once the soil is improved you have another bed to play with. Is all that fence going to be for climbers?

I agree the professionals did a brilliant job.

10 Oct, 2020


Hard work there but looks better now and using professionals make it so much quicker

11 Oct, 2020


We planted Fruit trees in the bed, so two apples, a greengage and a Damson. Only plants on the fence are an already existing Clematis Niobe and a couple of Chaenomeles. On the outside I planted a lot of Aubrieta, Auriculas and some Erigeron karavinskianus.
The soil is very clay so it needed a lot of humus adding to it even with years of pine needles going in to it.

11 Oct, 2020


Oh My!!. that looked tough and I'm glad you gave the job to somebody else, the end result is good..

13 Oct, 2020


Looks a completely different place now. Do keep us posted as it all develops, it is very interesting watching a new garden come into being. Thank you.

14 Oct, 2020

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