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Even More Fencing

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This was a major job (and expensive too). Across the top of the garden was another of the Leylandii hedges. 42 metres of it and far too tall for me to cut. In any case much of our side of it had been badly cut at some time so it was just brown stems.
After discussing it with the neighbour, he was very willing to have the hedge removed and replaced with a decent fence, especially when I showed him the fungus growing on the first few trees. They were dead and only upright because of the Ivy holding them upright.
Even if he had wanted to keep the hedge we would have gone ahead a put a fence up on our land and left him the problem of dealing the the height of the conifers.

The fungus on one of the trees.

Not the prettiest hedge.

Lot of rubbish stuffed under it by the neighbour.

We began by cutting off branches back to the trunks.

The trunks in the corner were rotten and came out easily.

On the neighbours side is a fence already which gave us a good indication of the end of our property.

As you can see there was a lot of growth to be removed.

It exposed the side of their Lean to garage.

Once the new fence is up they could not access the side so I did some minor repairs and gave the wood a coat of preservative.

Taking down the hedge opened up the view into their garden, so I stapled some shade netting to the fence. Th is also acted as a windbreak for us.

The stumps were left at a height where we could use them as leverage.

The stumps were quite hefty and took some moving.

The first section completed.

Digging out a stump left a big hole. I filled them with top soil and compost.

There was a lot of conifer to dispose of.

The section to the end of the garage completed.

The next section from the end of the garage to the Birch tree.

From the Birch tree to the end of the garden the hedge was completely on the neighbours side so I just removed all the dead branches back to the trunks. The new fence would go on our side of the hedge.

And that is where it came to an end. The Virus stopped any further progress. The Fencing contractors were still working, but the people who made and supplied the fencing and the concrete base boards and posts were not.
To be continued!

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Look how much extra space and light you have. A very good decision if an exhausting one. And so good to have a co-operative neighbour. Impressive!

19 Oct, 2020

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