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More Fencing Part 2


Thought you might like to see what we did with the material from the hedge. The neighbour who wanted the logs from the other conifers also wanted the logs from this hedge as well.
The brash I shredded and used to cover to a good depth the weedy grass at the bottom of the drive.

After a few hours of shredding.

Still piles of it on the other side of the Summer House

A few hours with the chain saw produced a number of logs.

Still a lot of it to be dealt with.

We stacked the logs against the Holly hedge along the side of the property.

Chain sawing and shredding while the sun shone.

I said there was a lot of it and each time we cleared a bit more of the hedge out, there was more to deal with.

The stumps took up a lot of space along the hedge row.

The neighbour did come and take a fair amount of it away, but she had to stop as the Lockdown tightened.
Hopefully when the wood has dried out, she will be able to collect the rest of it. If not it does make a nice area for various creatures to live.

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Haha Qwd, do I remember that you moved to your new house in order to have a garden that needed less work???

20 Oct, 2020


excellent habitat piles there Owd. that will keep the home fires burning for a while.

20 Oct, 2020

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