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A walk round the estate before the wind and rain.

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Lots of exciting new planting there to look forward to this summer. The plot looks enormous, so lots to keep up with.
Beautiful auriculas and my favourite type of tulips, too. The pink rhododendron is a beauty.

2 May, 2021


wonderful OWD. You have clearly been busy and did you rescue the P auricula or did you buy more? They such a lovely plant.

lots of space to get your creativity in full flow.

2 May, 2021


I planted out all my Auriculas and they seem to have thrived (mostly). The vine weevils do not kill them in the ground as they do in the pots. Not sure about the root aphids as I have not dug any up to check. I may take cuttings from the nicest ones and start again in pots, or not.

2 May, 2021


It all looks amazing and the Auriculas absolutely stunning. Don't they mind the rain? I always thought they were picky about being in the ground? I see you have a Monkey Puzzle (Araucaria), we have one too and I made a bed of Heucheras underneath as it was too prickly to cut grass there. Ours was planted in the '60's so I have been told. Love your brick lined paths, we had piles of bricks for just this sort of job until we told a new neighbour he could clear the rubble heap, but not the bricks! Needless to say a few days later I noticed that the piles were shrinking. Usual excuse, "I thought you wanted it all cleared", both OH and I had told him "not the bricks", but what can you do?
What's this about rain, you can keep the wind, but you should share the rain you know!

2 May, 2021


We have not had any rain at all this month, but the ground here is very moisture retentive. As long as they are not sat in waterlogged soil, Auriculas don't mind the weather. Usual reason for keeping rain off them is that many types have farina on the flowers which is spoiled by rain.
The edgings came from neighbours when they had a new patio laid. They were happy to donate the edgings as it saved them a large skip.
The Monkey Puzzle here was probably planted in the 60's when the Bungalow was built. It is a male one so it produces clouds of sticky yellow pollen. Sadly there are dead branches on it which I cannot reach to remove.

2 May, 2021


Your Auticulas are looking spectacular. I was thinking about making a little Auricula theatre but hadn't thought about vine weevils infesting the pots. Think that whim needs a rethink!

2 May, 2021


Wow! Loving all your’ve a fab amount of land there.
It’s true what you say, the ground has been so very dry...the rain we’ve had today has been a joy!
You’ve a really spectacular collection of spring flowering bulbs and plants, lots of colour!

3 May, 2021


Well, first reaction was to admire the auriculas but its all been said! Its coming on a treat and all your hard work is bearing fruit (though is caused a smile that this is your small garden that you downsized to, lol...)
Don't remember seeing the tabby before - give him/her a stroke from me.

3 May, 2021


Wow!! Owd its a credit to you, all your hard work is paying off, it looks amazing, I like the round beds and the gravel beds, I always liked those in the previous estate, lol, I've been trying for a very long time to grow auricula's, they caught my eye straight away, yours really are lovely, only ones that survive here are a group of really dark purple that came from my mum's garden over 30yrs ago, if I move any they up and die on me, i've tried in pots but still kill the poor things...
I enjoyed my meander, lots to see and admire, thanks Owdboggy...

6 May, 2021

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