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"The Coast to Coast Walk" with Simon and Clare Part Two*>>


*The second part of our long distance trek ,takes us through the lovely countryside and scenery of the Yorkshire Dales, from Shap to Richmond, remembering the difficult terrain across the mountinous Lake District we carry on with determination, blisters,and cramps lol

Day 6 From Shap to Kirby Stephen the longest milage so far 20 miles.

Well Folks we start the day with a farewell glimpse in the distance of the Lake District as we set forth to Kirby Stephen.

Now looking towards the Howgills from Crosby Ravensworth Fell.

The view looking towards our target Kirby Stephens and the way ahead, Glints and Grikes or Limestone as seen across Yorkshire

The Extreme Cellos"
Can you see the walkers in the distance with something white on their back?, we thought we were seeing things, but caught up with the group to find that they are 3 Cello playing Muscians who do strange and wierd things to raise money for Charities, they were doing the whole of the Coast to Coast walk carrying their Cellos on their backs and playing 3 times a day .
The trio formed in 2003 and have raised thousands of pounds for ASPIRE [people with spinal injuries] and Pact for children with Tumours and Leukemia. to give you an idea of some of the things they have done
The Cathedral Tour playing on the rooftops of all 42 Anglican Cathedrals in England
The Sheffield Marathon running with their Cellos on their backs and stopping to play twice.
The Four Peaks climbing the tallest mountains in England Scotland, Wales and Ireland and playing on the top of each.
If you would like to find out more log onto Extreme Cellist.

Simon and Clare met up with them at various localities and said when the going was tough they were an inspiration to keep onwards.

The route passes Scar Side Farm and Friar Biggins Farm providing Tea and Coffee breaks, we had Ice Creams Mmmm

The Howgills seem a constant companion and remind us of previous winter walks on their peaks and valleys

Near Smardale now the old railway line and its amazing Viaduct is close by

The Coast to Coast marker [ we have seen this before on previous walks]

Smardale Bridge

Not Far to go Now

Our B.B. in Kirby Stephen a very Quirky place and a well earned rest at last for the poor feet!

Day 7 Kirby Stephen to Keld 13 miles

Franks Bridge leaving Kirby Stephen

The Nine Standards Rigg a very boggy section, quite difficult to negoiate

The first firm road for miles and it is great to be approaching Keld and our B.B.

Keld to Reeth day 8 11miles

The start of the walk to Reeth, Kidson Force near Keld

Looking down on the lower route along the Royal Road that runs along Swale, we took the higher route as reccommended by Wainwright.

Crackpot Hall [especially for B.B “the old Bonkers family home” [his words not mine lol]
The ruined remains of a 17th century farmhouse in Upper Swaledale
The name derived from Old Norse and disappointly refers to a connection with crows and a nearby pothole! [sorry B.B.]

The route followed this Beck from Swinnergill

Looking down the valley at the Hush’s cold water course, form of open cast mining

A biscuit break at the mill near the small Bridge and Water


The Barren ground on the Melbeck Moor poisoned by spoil from the lead Mines

The Old Gang Smelt Mills and lunch break to recover from theagonising cramps in the thighs

Moors and valleys as we approach Reeth

What looks like an old Wardrobe door is the entrance to the bathroom at our off now for a good soak to ease te aches and pains!

Reeth and the Swaledale Valley to Richmond Day 9 11miles.

The rolling Hills with the Whitcliffe Wood ahead of us

Richmond opens up before us

Its been a short 11 mile day today with nothing more than a few fields and a small wooded area to pass through, the little towns along the way were really small, But at least it gave us some time to explore Richmond and stock up with medical supplies, dressings, plasters and pain killlers for the long trek ahead of us tomorrow.

Richmond To Ingleby Cross Day 10 23 miles

Richmond Castle from the route out, and onwards to our longest day walking to Ingleby Cross.

The River Swale

I didnt take any pictures on the Vale of Mowbray as I was suffering the effects of walking through the fields of Barley and Wheat or single track roads, all of which was very quiet but none inspired me. Wainwright says “If you are fond of placid rural scenery and have an interest in farming you might enjoy this part of the walk; but if your prefence is for high ground and rough hills you will find it tedious” I agree wholeheartedly with him, it was!

Clare in the garden at our B.B for the evening looking refreshed and happy, its more than I can say fo myself, will sleep tonight!

Well folks thats the end of our walking in the Yorkshire Dales and Part Two of the Coast to Coast, hope you have found it interesting and enjoyable.
Our final part of our journey takes us across the North Yorkshire Moors and our destination Robin Hoods Bay. Hope you will keep us company again and enjoy the celebrations!*

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What an amazing blog, congrats, you two, beautiful pics and the scenery to die for, we love the yorkshire moors but usually choose to go by steam, cheating I know, but we love the Y.M. Railway ! Cant wait to see your Robin hoods bay pics, I love that place.

1 Sep, 2010


A very ambitious walk and your photos are fabulous. Thanks for sharing your waking holiday with us...very interesting :)

1 Sep, 2010


I certainly will keep you company on the next leg. Those nine standards was on tv the other day an expert on them reckons there are graves underneath and want to dig from the enterence which he feels is in a certain spot which was shown. Lovely views and love that waterfall beautiful, I knew there was some thing with Bonkersbon lol hehe. He's a Raven in discuise and Jane is feeding him lol. When I see those little bridges always feel Compo is on one from my favourite program last of the summer wine .

1 Sep, 2010


Thanks GrandM, Whiston and 6d so pleased you enjoyed it, Im busy writing the final part now and looking forward to reliving the celebrations!!

1 Sep, 2010


Wonderful PP its some acheivement to do all this in just 12 days think it would take me 12 months now ..yes that Vale of Mowbray section such a disappointment and having to cross the busy A19 when surely a footbridge over it would be the least Coast to Coasters deserve .

Given how much they raise for charity and Wainwrights legacy cant understand why walkers need to run across a busy dual carriageway .. wasnt this after Richmond before the Cleveland Hills ? Sure Simon and Clare realise now more than most just how big a county North Yorkshire is ..

Thanks for pics of Crackpot cant believe how it looks now .. you turn your back for 150 years and look at the place ! Not the brightest idea to build it over mine shafts was it ? Fascinates me to see what we consider to be unspoilt scenery was actually a hive of Victorian industry employing thousands of people .. awaiting part 3 as getting real close to us now.Glaisdale Rigg and its descent our favourite spot.

Lol Sixpence ..Bonkers at Crackpot any wonder I went slightly Raven mad ..

1 Sep, 2010


At least you have a wonderful career Bonkersbon, Jane so think yourself lucky she feed s you and keeps your raven black feathers nice hehe haha now I know why you try and beat the other birds to their dinner secrets out now your a Raven eating out of a crackpot haha.

1 Sep, 2010


EE by gum that's a long walk. Thanks for that, all the photos remind me of where I used to live in Yorkshire and I just love Swaledale. Rock on Wainwrite!

2 Sep, 2010


The second part just as good as the first Pansypotter,some more lovely views but they must tired ,has the weather been nice?.Looking forward to part three.

2 Sep, 2010


Thanks BB. pleased you like the pictures of Crackpot Hall, would take quite a bit of DIY skills torestore it to its former gloryI may have got a bit lost along the way its so tiring all this walking lol
Thanks Lulu pleased it has brought back old memorories for you a lovely place to have lived in;0)
Pleased you are still with us Mavis and enjoying the views, are very tired and aching now but looking forward to a drink in Wainwrights Bar, see you there;0)

2 Sep, 2010


This part of Simon and Clares journey is so tiring for me,so can't imagine how they must have felt...a long hard slog for are doing a brilliant job with this Carole..and so looking forward to the last part,especially Robin hood's bay...another favourite place of ours..

2 Sep, 2010


I am really enjoying these walks Carole , Have Simon and Clare recovered yet ? Simons feet look so sore and red .... I have to ask because i'm longing to know ... did they lose weight or were they super fit before they left ?, I like Richmond , we must go up there again .. Thanks for showing this lovely blog .. ;o)) I hadn't heard about the Extreme Cellos , it's so nice to know that so many people are out there to help others less fortunate .... .......

2 Sep, 2010


Thanks Amy pleased you are enjoying the walk. They have both recovered, Clare didnt seem to have many problems with her feet it was mainly Simon , he hobbled into Robin Hoods Bay, but after a few days was back to normal! They are planning what to do next lol something about Climbing The Invincible Pinnacle, they have hired a Guide who will have them both tethered to ropes, now that I dont fancy one bit, will let you know more when I get more details.
Youwill see more of The Extreme Cellos in the final part!

2 Sep, 2010


I haven't a clue what the Invincible Pinnacle is , it sounds exciting , if it's climbing I would love to be there , I would have been once upon a time ! it's nice to share the journeys through you and them .. :o))

2 Sep, 2010


Im told it is a a rocky summit on one of the mountains [ not sure if its in Scotland] But it is very steep and the only way to climb it is with ropes, apparently you are suposed to stand up on the top, so I can see some more pictures coming when they have done it!

2 Sep, 2010,r:6,s:10&biw=943&bih=440

Hope you can copy and paste this I think this is the one Carole and Amy.

2 Sep, 2010


Gosh , I will have a look , that lot looks like some peculiar foreign language to me 6p ...LOL...

3 Sep, 2010


Me too thanks 6d for the info;0)

3 Sep, 2010


I've had a look ,oh my goodness , they are so brave ... will they manage it with a camera in their hands so that we can have the full report from you Carole ... :o))

3 Sep, 2010


Hopefully only one of them on the rope at once so should get some pictures, would rather it was just a walk though!

3 Sep, 2010


Lol Amy your welcome Amy and Carole.

3 Sep, 2010


brilliant second blog carole, catching up here, i feel my feet hurting thinking of all that walking lol,great pics and amazing cello players, well done to them to ;o))

9 Sep, 2010


those are some of my favourite places :) Used to stay in Keld as a child as friends owned a farmhouse there and remember many a night in Robin Hood's Bay in the youth hostel!

14 Sep, 2010


Phew, I'm feeling weary just reading this! All that walking and they are still smiling (well, apart from the odd grimace!). I'm full of admiration for them and those cello carrying walkers too :)

15 Sep, 2010


quite an achievement for anyone but to carry cellos as well??!!

13 Dec, 2010


hanks Sanbaz, Jenny and Gee, it was atremendous feat and I am so proud of them;0)
Thanks Sticki you must be getting tired all this walking you are doing, but stick kit out to the end it was truly fantastic!

14 Dec, 2010


i dont doubt it for a second! is it time for lunch yet?

14 Dec, 2010


Hope you bought sandwiches 10 miles to the next Pub ;0)

14 Dec, 2010


oh no!!
having to cook for 6 ~ made carrot and orange soup, courgette and gorganzola with fennel and sultana bread and cheese scones!!

14 Dec, 2010


Wish I had gone with you, though think I would have been too full too walk very far lol

14 Dec, 2010


good thing i did cook them ~ it was meant to be for a party but there didnt appear to be much else!! i didnt have any tea!!! or dinner!!! im not happy

14 Dec, 2010

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