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Friends and Gifts*


*I dont if you recall but a few weeks ago I looked after Max a big striped Tabby Cat while Marie my next door neighbour and dear friend was on holiday, I have done this for the past 3years and I enjoy it as Max is no trouble and a very friendly cat. Well a couple of days ago she arrived at my front door with lovely Thank you gifts and an invitation to go out for lunch with her. It made me think how lucky I am to have such thoughtful and kind friends, this includes all the friends I have made on Goy who have given encouragement, advice and support and have been generous in sharing plants, cuttings and seeds with me. Each time I go into my garden I am reminded of individuals as I see their gifts flourishing. This has inspired me to write this tribute to friends everywhere.

Max my feline friend

The Gifts From Marie

The Willow Tree Little Trinket Box [The Willow Tree Figure was last years gift]

The Garden Planner Book
If you havent got one of these they are a must have, the book takes you through the year month by month , Whats in bloom, jobs to do, Plants and seeds,Pages for photographs as an aid to remember what was blooming, Address section [especially for my Goy friends] and lots of lovely plant and flower pictures. I just love it!

Gifts from Goy Friends lots of the plants I have recieved I haven’t pictures of as the plant as finished flowering, or as yet to grow, but I will list these further in the blog.

Direma Grown from seed from Amy

Sanquisorba Red Thunder Amy

Also from Amy. Clematis , Red Dragon, Blue Popy seed, Lily Turf , Fragaria and Aconites. Pink Poppy seed [which flowered this year and were stunning]

Red Dragon from Sanbaz

Jacobs Ladder from Bloomer
also from Bloomer Drumstick Primula, and Honesty

Campanula from Holly

Fragaria from Spritz

Penstemons from Janette
and also Achillea


Fuschia Lancashire Lad from Janey
and also Tansy

Daylilies grown from seed from Pondlady

Verbena Bonaires and Sisyrinchium From Gee
and also Cheryls Shadow

Phlox from Hywel

Nigella grown from seed from Sixpence
also Delphinium seeds I have just sown

Now For The Delights Yet To Come

Michaella sent me a big clump of Rudebeckia roots from which I got 5 nice sized plants now tucked up around my garden waiting to Wow me next year

Sinbad sent a selection of different Salvia seeds, Verbascum and Red Poppy Seeds

Yorkshire sent Cosmos waiting to be sown early next year

Thought I would finish by showing you some views of my garden that I am going to put in my new Garden Planner Book for reference and comparison next year.

Patio Rockery

Left hand side Border

Left Hand Side Back Corner

The Back Right Hand Side Corner

The Right Hand Side Border

A big thank you to all my friends for your contributions both in the gifts you have sent and the comments you have made which have all assisted in making my garden so colourful and such a to be*

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lovely blog pp........ your garden looks lovely.. glad you have so many lovely plants seeds and cuttings from g o y friends..... and it must be nice to have such a nice neighbour......

3 Oct, 2010


Oh i am sooooooo jealous of your garden what a picture!! Lovely blog PP my neighbour buys me gifts when i look after her house for her when she goes away, i consider myself very lucky with neighbours having once lived next door to a horrible family so i appreciate them even more.
On the look out for the garden planner good idea!

3 Oct, 2010


Lovely, well-stocked garden, it's beautiful. I love that little trinket box too.

3 Oct, 2010


You have been blessed with so many nice friends and plants, PP. Your borders look so lovely...lots of variety and they all go together so well. Is that a small pond with the brick around it? It sure looks a nice feature.

I wonder about the shaped borders next to the grass. That is what I picture having and people (family and friends) dissuade me from having grass because of the maintenance/upkeep. Do you find it takes a lot of time to maintain the crisp edges around your lawn/borders? I just think it makes the garden so much nicer with some grass. A lot of folk tend to do the gravel route but I am yet to be convinced about the total use of gravel/stones etc. Any advice???

3 Oct, 2010


What a lovely, happy blog, PP. I was amazed at how established your pond looks, and your borders are so well stocked. Beautiful photos of a very beautiful garden, well done you (and OH?) :)

3 Oct, 2010


Thanks Holly Pleased you like it. so much more intereresting since joining Goy and meeting so many like minded people, the ideas , tips and comments are so inspiring;0)
It is good to have nice neighbours only seven houses in our little close six are very helpful and friendly unfortunately the less sociable live next door, but appreciate all the other friends, the Garden planner is great made me knuckle down and get everything on paper;0)
Whistonlass thanks for your lovely comments, my garden as you see is not very big but wouldnt be without a lawn it softens everything, I usually mow once a week and trim the edges I find the half moon edge cutter a boon and the curved edges no more difficult or time consuming as straight edges, the bonus is it looks so much more interesting and gives greater scope for planting, The pond is new this year I did do a blog on the project and there are a few more updated picture that may inspire you;0)

3 Oct, 2010


A great blog Carole , I love the fact that we can wonder round our gardens and be reminded of our GOY friends , your garden is an inspiration to us all we never tire of seeing it ,it comes together so well and i'm pleased to have been able to contribute in a small way ... .. :o))) x

3 Oct, 2010


Thanks Amy more than a small way , I was looking at the Red Dragon today in the rain amazed at the growth its put on looks stunning!

3 Oct, 2010


Thanks PP....I will look back on your photos and blogs for more detail. I do agree about the lawn softening everything...and it's a gorgeous smell when the grass is freshly mown. I think I'm talking to the

3 Oct, 2010


Lovely blog and photo's Carole.your garden looks brilliant...regards swopping,I think it was only the Lysimachia (spelling ?) I asked for,,,see you when we get back,and looking forward to meeting up again.The Jacob's ladder looks to be doing well....xx

4 Oct, 2010


Oh the Phlox - yes, it's looking good isn't it :o)
You have had such success with all your gifts. That's wonderful, and it's nice to be appreciated by your neighbour aswell.
Your garden looks loved and well cared for; and I like your little pond. I remember you making it. I think it looks great.

4 Oct, 2010


lovely blog & photos...your garden is beautiful

4 Oct, 2010


Thanks everyone for all your lovely comments;0))

5 Oct, 2010


PP wow the garden looks superb,You have been blessed with so many nice friends and plants Your borders look so lovely...lots of variety and they all go together so well.Yor so right about good friends i treasure all of mine to,and since joing GOY everyone has been very kind.I love your gifts, what a good idea the book is ,i will look out for one as it makes really good sense.and thank you

7 Oct, 2010


Thanks for your lovely commentsNanny, hope you find a Garden Planner book!

7 Oct, 2010


morning Pansy what is that lovely shrub it's on the left hand border a deep wine colour ,beautiful. ? what is that white building on the same picture?? sorry if i'm being nosy LOL.Is the weather supposed to be good were you live?? i hope it turns out as good as they say ,more gardening time,hope you have a good weekend

8 Oct, 2010


Hi Nannym the weather here as been lovely the past wo days which as meant I have got all the outstanding gardening tasks done beforethe onset of winter! its suopsed to be goodf for the weekend too, so I m pleased as we are having a birthday party for my Youngest Son on Sunday so fingers crossed! Whats it like at your end?
The wine colouref shrub is Acer Palmatum Dissectum its 5yrs old and gets better each year a beautiful plant.
The white building is our Conservatory very handy it is too, have a good weekend;0))

8 Oct, 2010


morning Pansy, well done with making the most of this wonderful autumn days, yes same here seems so much to do as you say before the weather changes.I've just red an article about not putting the tulips in yet ,i didnt no that, i wondered why when i've planted them they;ve not returned the the following year.yes there saying to make the most of the weather to day and tomorrow.hope you have a wonderful day, if your like me i love having the family round.i've been a domestic goddess this last few days ,up early and getting stuck in to the boring jobs to do round the house.LOL.then getting out into my garden,( love it )Yes that Acer looks a treat i love the colour.

10 Oct, 2010


lovely thoughtfull blog carole and lovely pics of your garden, i see you have some rudbeckia from michaella, i was going to send some so let me know if you have enough now or if you still want it carole, as it maybe a different variety ;o))

16 Oct, 2010

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