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*Another Spending Spree*


*We have been blessed with some nice sunny days this week which has a funny affect on me, I get a strong urge to visit the Garden Centre LOL, we went on Sunday and Harry bought me A lovely rose standard and two Ground Cover Roses for my birthday [Im including pictures again in case you missed them.]

Monday bought more sunshine and a perfect day to plant up my gifts , but “Oh Dear” I had forgotten ties and Bone Meal so guess it was a quick visit to the Garden Centre again , just couldnt resist another little look around !!
It was fatal so many lovely plants I just had to bring a few more back home with me lol
Good job Harry indulges my passion ;0))

First is Margaret Merril Floribunda, White Blooms [full standard]
This to be planted in my back garden towards the back of the border, there are other plants in front of it, but I wanted something to mask out the fence where there s a gap between ours and next doors shrubs.

These two are the ground cover roses, Kortenay [Red blooms with yellow centers]
Koralon [White/yellow blooms.]
Not sure where they are going , but not to worry I will find a nice space for them.

Here are my new purchases, posing for a group picture the centre piece is a mini Lavender Dentata standard, This will go on the patio in a pot to replace the Canary Palm which I lost during the winter.

Violas, mixed colours White, Lilac. and Purple, they do look nice together. 24 for £5-00

Lupins 4 pots for £5-00, 2 White and 2 Pink [I try Lupins every year but they sucumb to the slugs despite copper rings and slug pellets] but love them so one more try!

Aquilegia 6 pack £5-98, 2 White, 2 Pink, 2 Blue, I did grow some last year from seed but only four survived the winter.

Salix Caprea a mini standard
This again will replace a winter victim [Phorminum] to be planted in a pot near my little pond.

Lavender Dentata [Half Standard] planted in pot with mixed Violas, really pleased with this,

Salix Caprea now planted in a pot with violas, afraid it is very Scrawny at the moment but I have high hopes for it!

Now for some of the flowers/plants starting to spring to life in my garden

Cyclamen [Coum] I managed to get a couple of pots in the winter sale and they are now flowering nicely on Polly’s little rockery.

The Peony shoots a lovely deep red colour!

Tete a Tete mini Daffodils are so pretty in clumps around the borders

Clematis Seedhead, the last one standing, but lots of new shoots

White Primulas light up even the darkest corners.

Oriental Poppies a nice big healthy clump,[ must remember to divide this Autumn]

Blue and White Muscari planted around my standard Euonymus in the front garden

Pale lemon Primula I prefer this colour to the deeper yellow ones!

White Drumstick Denticulata this was a present from Bloomer when we met for the first time last year

Ribes Ornamental Currant, looking lovely in the sunshine.

Primula Wanda, I love these little purple flowers with the yellow eyes, they make such pretty little clumps around the borders.

Daylillies looking very healthy, they flowered for the first time last year so looking forward to seeing them again.

Blue primulas, this is a very attractive blue one, looking a bit damp as I had just finished watering it.

Pulmonaria, Lungwort; small pink and Blue flowers with white spotted leaves.

Robin’s Birthday container, planted with Red Bellis Daisies, Deep pink Primula, Rosemary, and White Alyssum, can see it from the conservatory window.

Polly’s little rockery

Lovey and Dovey cooling off at the end of the day!

Well thats all for now, hope you have enjoyed your visit to my Garden.*

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Lovely blog, very pretty flowers, i agree always feel like going to the garden centre when the sun shining!

23 Mar, 2011


Nice selection of plants We just cant get enough can we

23 Mar, 2011


I know that feeling very well ! lol
Lovely photo's especially Polly's rockery.

23 Mar, 2011


thanks for the walk round your garden most enjoyable!

23 Mar, 2011


Thankyou Daylily ,Eileeneliza, Teds and Val the sun is making everything romp away now and I agree there is always room for another plant, its good thing they like close companions lol

23 Mar, 2011


Yes Pansy, most enjoyable and its all looking lovely...

23 Mar, 2011


Beautiful and such a colourful blog cheered me up no end, that flowered barrel looks lovely by Polly's rockery, and love that planting of the blue and white mascria the salix they look lovely when flowering.

23 Mar, 2011


Oh what a lovely spring blog, well bought and love the birds too!

24 Mar, 2011


Well PP - what lovely flowers, I especially liked the picture of the clematis seedhead. With so many plants already in your garden I hope there's enough space to add the new ones. Still, no matter how many plants we have in our gardens we always manage to find a space for a few more don't we ?

Your new plants are a lovely selection - you obviously like standards - a good way of bringing a bit of height into your garden aren't they ?

I like the drumstick denticulata - very pretty. Good luck with your lupins - they are a bit of a hit and miss affair aren't they ? They seem to like quite hot sunny areas to grow in.

Happy planting !

24 Mar, 2011


enjoyed the tour around your garden; I especially liked that big poppy clump and your rockery! Don't feel guilty about your spending spree - we all do it and if buying more plants is our only vice, well, we're doing pretty well!

24 Mar, 2011


Lots of lovely purchases.
Your garden is looking pretty :o)

24 Mar, 2011


Very nice to see your garden and new plants. They look lovely all planted up. I've always liked Margaret Merril but never got one.

24 Mar, 2011


It looks absolutely gorgeous all of your garden, pleased you enjoyed buying, it is a good addiction to have spending on plants for the garden, gardening helps keep us fit so it is allowed. Well done on all your purchases they look great. We are getting sunshine also, hope it lasts but somehow think it may just be kidding us. Making good use of it while it lasts, out digging and pruning and prodding and tidying up in general, it beats sitting watching day time tv any day. lol. thank you for a lovely tour round the garden very nice blog.

24 Mar, 2011


What a lovely blog and Pics,Carole.I can just see you with a big smile on your face,buying all those lovely new,are you sure you can't manage to remember that you need something else from the GC ?Lol.Your pots look great,especially with the colours of the favourite shades for these..glad to see the Drumstick Primula is doing so will be able to split it,won't you? I didn't know you could get white Muscari..its lovely..if you have enough to split,would you mind giving me some,please,Carole ?.I could go on forever about your lovely garden..enjoy :o))

24 Mar, 2011


What a fabulous lot of lovely new plants Carole , I was pleased to see that you had managed to get some Cyclamen Coum's I know how you wanted some ,they look so nice on Polly's area and will spread more another year , I love the Lavender standard I don't think I've seen one like that before I would have to touch it every time I walked by .. Robins pot looks a real treat and nice for you to be able to see from your room ... :o))

24 Mar, 2011


Very enjoyable blog. Your garden seems to contain a great variety of plants Pansypotter. With regard to Margaret merril I had it many years ago and it has a lovely fragrance. When I moved to my present house 22 years ago, I created a rose garden with more than 400 hundred roses of 100 varieties packed in a small suburban garden. I only enjoyed them for 3 years and then they were ruined by black spot, mildew and rust. I am a rose lover and was a member of the Royal National Rose Society for many years. I have visited their rose garden in St. Albans dozens of time. The one I liked most? Sheila's perfume. I still have two, they are nearly 20 years old and still perform well.

24 Mar, 2011


You've so many compliments from members....I'd echo every one of them :) Your garden and choice of plants and their positioning are lovely. I wonder would the blue and white mascria grow under my small apple tree? It has been suggested to me that I leave a circle under the tree....I'd like those growing in our garden someday...soon I hope. :)

I could view your photos beautiful, Carole.

24 Mar, 2011


lovely blog carole enjoyed seeing your new trees etc, think a few of us have got the standard tree bug this year lol, all looking lovely and so much colour in your garden carole.nice to see lovey and dovey again, my two are back also.the weather is wonderful at the moment, i need more plants but waiting for sunday, going to the plant hunters fair at ness botanical gardens and also will see jacquie there for a cuppa if all going to plant, will you be going carole :o)

24 Mar, 2011


Lovely photos PP, I really like your standard Lavender in that pot.....Might have to get one of those.

24 Mar, 2011


Really colourful Springtime blog, Pp, loved it! The Clematis seedhead is fabulous and the Peony looks to be huge. How on earth do you get pics of Lovey and Dovey? Our pair, called Flick & Flack (don't ask!) fly off the minute I appear. : o ((

24 Mar, 2011


All looking lovely pp.... nice choice of plants.... i love your pic of the clematis seed head.... isnt it nice to see everything coming back to life....

24 Mar, 2011


Loved your blog and photos, i've had a standard rose tree for 26yrs and its just as healthy as the day i bought it, plus its my favourite plant in my garden.

24 Mar, 2011


I find it amazing, Clarice, that you still have a standard rose tree still thriving and healthy after 26 yrs....that is so wonderful :) Is it a variety still available? I assume you have it planted in the ground and not in a pot? Any photo of this amazing rose tree, Clarice? It would be nice to see it.

24 Mar, 2011


A great big thankyou to everyone for all your wonderful comments hope I dont miss anyone out;0))

Linclass so pleased you enjoyed it!

Sixpence, There are been lots of lovely comments about the Muscari, I have to admit its the first time I have grown it and will certainly buy some more for next year;0)

Lulu pleased you have enjoyed it and that you like Lovey and Dovey they are daily visitors and a pleasure to see.

Mariek, like you say we always find room for more plants, the Clematis seedhead is stunning and there have been lots of them to enjoy, like them just as much as the flowers! I also love standards and have 4 Euonymus, 2 Salix, 1 Rose and one Lavender ! will let you know how the Lupins fare;0)

Lauran I will show a photo of the Poppies when they are in flower they are gorgeous, and it's far better to be hooked on plants than other things I can think of lol

Terra pleased you like my garden, I have just bought 3 little pots of Aubretia after seeing your wonderful displays'0)

Hywel I have never had Margaret Merril before, but have admired pictures of it in other gardens!

Olive I have really enjoyed being out in the garden all week in this lovely sunshine, I have even tackled all my grotty area and feel very pleased with myself.

Hi Sandra hasnt the Drum stick Primula come on a treat, looks even prettier now the other flower heads are opening, will divide it next year. I will dig you some White Muscari up in the autumn they are very attractive and dont take up much space. By the way I have run out of Compost again, so Im afraid its another visit to the Garden Centre, what a chore LOL

Amy I am delighted with the Cyclamen Coum, especially when the sun shines on them they look lit up! I also love my Lavender standard, but it will have to come indoors during the winter as it isnt fully hardy. p.s. the Blue Poppy seed are emerging Im thrilled!!

Cos I chose Margaret Merril for the fragrance and white blooms, not very experienced with Rose so will be a new challenge for me. I can't imagine having 400 to care for that is a serious amount of time and effort. have you apicture on your site of Sheila's Perfume it sounds lovely?

Whiston Lass pleased you like my garden, I think the Muscari would be perfect under your Apple Tree, mine are under my Euonymus Standard and are doing very well, hope you get some ;0)

Sandra nice to hear you are also enjoying this lovely weather, its nice to have Lovey and Dovey back, hope it wint be long before they are bringing there new babies to see us. The Plant Hunters Fair sounds great but I wont be able to go as we are off to see Clare in a concert, so enjoy and dont forget your purse;0)

Annella Glad you like my garden and the Lavender Standard;0)

Shirley The Clematis Seed Heads are stunning, dont know why I havent noticed them in past years, My Doves have been coming for the past three years , they recognise my voice and will come down to feed and bathe while I sut there watching them ;0)

Holly The Clematis Seed Head seems to be a favourite with everyone , and its great to see evreything bursting into flower again, I just love Springtime!

Clarice, is that your Peace Standard thats 26yrs old? Hope Margaret Merril lasts that long, Though I dont think I will be around to see lol

24 Mar, 2011


Thanks Carole,that would be great.I wish I had known you
hadn't got any Muscari,as you could have had some of my blue ones..

24 Mar, 2011


I'm still pulling them out .... grrr!

24 Mar, 2011


We will do swap Sandra;0))

24 Mar, 2011


You are just too cruel,Shirley.Lol..and yes,Carole,that would be good :o)

25 Mar, 2011


WOW!! You have a lovely selection of plants there Carole :)))) and the garden looks beautiful! :))))

25 Mar, 2011


Thanks Michaella;0)

25 Mar, 2011


What a wonderful garden to have in March, so much colour and action, a tribute to lots of willing work! With your new purchases the summer should be stunning, and I look forward to the photos with envy!

27 Mar, 2011


Thanks Troddles for your lovely comments;0))

27 Mar, 2011


You have a lovely garden there, the muscari round the tree look so good and that cematis seedhead is a great picture, you have chosen some nice plants from the garden centre.

30 Mar, 2011


Thank you Juien Im pleased you like it, we have had lovely weather these past few days and it has really brought the plants on, my new standard rose has lots of new red shoots , so excited;0)

30 Mar, 2011

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