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*Well Ive been to the Garden Center again spending my Mother’s Day vouchers, the only problem I had was I was overwhelmed by all the lovely plants and kinda forgot what it was I intended to buy, so I will show you what plants ended up in my basket.

A Group Photograph ;0))

Pink Arabis Spring Charm
inspired by Terra’s lovely garden I am going to plant this in the rockery borders

Erysimum Bowles’ Mauve,
I was just knocked over by the perfume, so had to choose it didn’t I

Campanula Persicfolia White .
I have a blue one of these and its gorgeous so I chose a white one this time

Thunbergia Black Eyed Susan .
I am going to plant this next to my Arbour seat, so I can admire her as I sip my coffee

Lychnis Coronaria Rose Campion.
love the silver foliage which shows off the magenta flowers beautifully.

Hypericum Perforatum
Another one for the rockery borders


Nasturtium [red] Star of India
[gold] Whirlybird
Thought these would make a nice splash of colour in pots and baskets.

Now for a look around my garden to see what else is wakening up after the long cold winter

Dicentra – Bleeding Heart [pink]
Love the bright yellow/green foilage, although I always want to call them Grannies Bloomers lol

Primula [white] There are so many lovely coloured primulas around, but I like the white ones best of all

Euphorbia -Fireglow, the bracts are a gorgeous colour during spring time!

Rhododendron Bow Bells
This is a lovely dwarf one, the buds are a deep pink opening up into a pretty pale pink flower

Such pretty foilage, I sowed seed into the ground last year and I am delighted to see them appearing throughout the borders

Peiris Forest Flame
What a wonderful display from these two beauties in my front garden, they are both dfferent species, the shorter one has varigated foilage, but both are equally stunning in appearance and so hardy.

Another favourite of mine lovely fine cut foilage and gorgeous red flowers, this is its 4th year a gift from my neighbough Marie for looking after her cat Max and it gets better each year..

Daylilies They flowered for the first time last year and look stronger than ever this year, so Im hoping for a great display this summer.

Foxglove grown from seed last year.

Spiraea – Gold Flame, another shrub with gorgeous spring foilage. the colour fades to green later as the pink flowers appear!

Acer Dissectum Atrpurpureum Japanese Maple
A beautiful 3ft shrub with finely divided leaves, one I certainly wouldn’t like to be without.

This one is one of my oldest friends, I have two planted in pots that have been with me for at least 7years, they were so potbound that I dug them out and replanted them a couple of weeks ago, so relieved to see them coming back strong and healthy!

Sweet Wiiliam
Sowed from seed 2years ago and its so nice to see that they have come through two severe winters and are speading into nice sized clumps.

Here is my little Minature Salix, it was bought earlier this year as a present and is now coming into leaf, a lovely addition to my little pond area.

And lastly here are A Few of My Favourite Things

My Little Pond
Have been bringing the back corner of the border upto the edge of the pond, providing a bigger planting area with lots of new plants. Its will need a couple more months of growth before you will be able to see what I have done and for the new pond plants to grow.

Lawn Center Feature.
Planted with a Box plant which over the years as changed shape from a ball to a cone shape, the surrounding planting is Hebe Green Globe, I am training this into a little hedge.

Steps and Rockery

This is the left hand corner of the garden leading from the patio upto the lawn, one of my favourite views as this features the rockery, steps and views of the many different birds who visit the feeding station.

Lovey and Dovey
My two daily visitors cooling off in the birdbath, they are so tame come down as soon as I call them and walk about around our feet.

Little Front Garden
Its only a small plot but I love it so welcoming and colourful.

Polly’s Place
The little Rockery we made in memory of our beloved little Scottie Polly where we buiried her ashes, I always make sure there is something bright and colourful blooming.

Little Birdbath
The new birdbath looks just right here and as bought this Little area to life. Think its going to look really nice when the Rosebush “Peace” starts to flower.

The Old Bird Bath
This dates back to 1996 and has given us lots of pleasure,sadly it was very badly damaged by the Winter of 2009 and wont hold water now, but it does make a lovely feature as an ornamental plant holder.

I Saved the Best until the Last!
My dear Husband and best friend Harry , admiring the Blossom trees on our favourite walk.

Hope you enjoyed this little visit around my garden.*

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What a super garden Pansypotter, lot's of lovely plant's and so colourful.You have a nice view at the front and I like the step's and rockery area.You got yourself a nice selection of plant's :-)

12 Apr, 2011


A smashing blog, gorgeous plants and garden! :^)

12 Apr, 2011


What lovely photos PP - your garden looks super. I'm sure that all the hard work you put in is why it looks so good. Well done.

Happy Gardening.

13 Apr, 2011


lovely garden pansypotter,ive just put in the rose peace and looking forward to that too,chris

13 Apr, 2011


Really enjoyed your blog Carole, lovely garden and wonderful views from the front of your house, looks like you've lots of planting to do.
Your lovely hosta you sent me last year is emerging, we're clearing a partly shady area in the wood so it'll look great there with a few others I've been collecting, new it was a mistake to join the BHHS,lol.

13 Apr, 2011


Your garden looks gorgeous love the view up the steps by the rockery and Polly's place so colourful. The Pieris with varigated leaves would proberbly be Tom Thumb as I have a small one like it. Love the front garden too that is big compared with mine and wonderful views too Carole, lovely mixture of new plants you ve got there and wonderful photo of Harry, you are right about the white primrose, mine are grouped together and the white always stands out the best.

13 Apr, 2011


Excellent blog , really enjoyed looking around your garden PP. So nice, and colourful. Love your new plants too.

13 Apr, 2011


Beautiful enjoyed the walk and all the purchases, well done.

13 Apr, 2011


Thanks for the walk round your lovely garden, love the front and you have a nice outlook too!

13 Apr, 2011


Lovely pics Pansy. Enjoyed the walk around. Your garden is looking fab as usual. Love the pond area, and it'll look stunning come summer. Nice to see Lovey and Dovey still enjoying the views. ;o)

13 Apr, 2011


Your garden looks lovely PP, I really like your little pond

13 Apr, 2011


Many thanks everyone Mavis, Daylily, Mariek,pleased you enjoyed my garden.
Ladybug you will love Peace it is without doubt my favoutite Rose,
Simbad [pleased the hosta is growing it was from the one in this blog and all the new plants are now planted ;0)
Sixpence think you could be right about the Pieris Tom Thumb the name rings a bell, Re the front garden" Small is beautiful ";0)
Cinders, and Olive thanks for your lovely comments.
Ted pleased you like the view, a nice little close;0)
Linda nice of you to remember Lovey and Dovey and I am really looking forward to seeing the pond maturing this year;0)

13 Apr, 2011


What a lovely blog Pp, your garden is gorgeous and your front garden so beautiful and that view! Glad you saved the best to last as well, Lol !

13 Apr, 2011


Thank you Grandma pleased you like the gardens and views and the Best Last keeps H happy and smiling, cant moan about me being on the computor for too long;0)

13 Apr, 2011


beautiful blog Pp, you have a lovely garden and some beautiful plants, thanks for the walk, Harry looks quite contented on your favourite walk,

13 Apr, 2011


Your garden is looking wonderful, and you chose some lovely plants and shrubs on your shopping trip...

13 Apr, 2011


Thanks Val yes Harry enjoys a walk I dont get out as much since losing Polly have to really make an effort, but I did enjoy the walk so hopefully will do it more often.
Thanks Terra pleased you like my garden and new plants, its so nice to get out into the garden again after the winter we all have had, especially so seeing so many plants returning again;0)

13 Apr, 2011


love looking at your garden carole with all the lovely plants and colour, love your new ones to and the pond area looks like its been there forever now with the extended border coming to the edge, great ;o))

13 Apr, 2011


Its either that Tom Thumb or Little Heath Carole:o))

13 Apr, 2011


all looking very nice in your garden pp.... nice assortment of plants you have bought....
the campanulla cutting you sent me is coming along well, and im going to plant it out in the garden soon.....i put a pic of it on a while ago..... : O ))

13 Apr, 2011


Thanks Sandra pleased you like it, Im looking forward to see the plants I have put round the pond start to flower, I have had to take the big iris out of the pond really over estimated its size lol but have added a few new plants I sent for off the internet, just waiting for them to grow now then I will show you a picture.

Sixpence Im going to look through my labels tomorrow to see if I can make a definate identification ;0)

Holly thanks for your nice comments , I must have missed it, but have had a peep now and it has done very well;0)

13 Apr, 2011


What a joy your garden is, so much going on, its a work of art, and the front garden with the fields in the distance looks wonderful so pleasing for anyone passing by. julien

13 Apr, 2011


That was such a lovely blog, showing all the things in your garden. You have lots to look forward to during the coming seasons :)
Your pond is lovely. I always like to see photos of it.

14 Apr, 2011


I'm very jealous of your Forest Flame. Mine seems to have stopped growing over the last year or two. But I haven't given up hope yet as it certainly hasn't died.
Love the pics.

14 Apr, 2011


Thanks you for the lovely guided tour around your garden I have managed now to name a plant that Ive had in my garden since moving in Lychnis !! I do have to keep pulling plants up though as it does like to wander lol. That is a good idea of your childrens buying you vouchers for Mums day I must drop hints Id much rather buy plants than eat chocs and flowers that only last days.

14 Apr, 2011


Thank you Julien for your nice comments, we are lucky to have a nice little spot with hills and field views both front and back;0)

Thanks Hywel Iam glad we made the little pond last year, looking forward to seeing the frogs take up residence again.

Sorry to hear about your Forest Flame Gill, I have always had them in my gardens and have never had a problem, hope it springs back to life for you;0)

Pleased you enjoyed the tour Maggy I always get garden vouchers everyone one knows Im such a plant aholic lol

14 Apr, 2011


its so nice to see the plants growing, its not warm enough over here yet, and I'm getting tired of winter now. Your gardens are so nice and glad to hear the daylilys are growing, cant wait to see pictures of them

14 Apr, 2011


Really love your garden, Pp, it's obvious much thought has gone into it. I agree with you on the Primulas, they're at their best in white. Tell me, do you give the Astilbe sun or shade, or perhaps a little of each? I'm growing one for the first time, it seems happy in the pot so I'll leave it, not sure what position suits it though! I love the new planting behind the pond, it really looks as though it's been there far longer than the short time it has. I remember your blog, poor Harry was digging for England that week ... lol!

14 Apr, 2011


lovely garden and lovely blog..well done on all your hard work..

i really like the look of the Erysimum Bowles’ Mauve and you mention that it as a nice scent..i will have to check this out..

i want so much to try and plant from seeds of plants already in the garden as ive not tried this have set the old grey matter thinking with your efforts, thank you

19 Apr, 2011


Thanks Skips hope you have found some inspiration, the Erysimum is a lovely plant i have a deep orange one too that as come through the severe winter really well;0)

19 Apr, 2011


Great blog, PP, & a great walk around your garden, which I enjoyed very much! You have some beautiful plants & you have made a fantastic use of them! :-))

21 Apr, 2011


Thanks Homebird and Balcony, so pleased you like my garden, I have just finished trimming my Box, and Hebe centre piece, it takes on a slightly different shape each time I do it lol

21 Apr, 2011


Only just seen this Carole,we were away,so probably missed loads..It is looking so nice,as always,and the Box
and Hebe look great.x

24 Apr, 2011


Thanks Shirley and Pondlady missed you further back. Shirley I have some Astilbe groing in shade and some in sunshine, they seem to grow well in both conditions, good luck with yours;0)
Pondlady, the Daylillies are doing well they are still in their little pots Im leaving them until they get a little bigger before I plant them in the borders, will take a picture for you;0)

Hi Sandra nice to see you back, it is difficult when you have been away from Goy catching up takes ages and you always seem to miss something lol I havent been on much myself and am hoping to catch up a little today, will email you tomorrow. xx

25 Apr, 2011


Thanks, Pp, I'll put one pot in a sunny area, the other in some shade. : o ))

25 Apr, 2011


OK,Carole,look forward to hearing fom you.:o)

25 Apr, 2011

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