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Hi everyone , its a lovely day to day here in Lancashire. so I have been out in the garden for most of the day, Taking lots of cuttings and generally tyding the borders. Although lots of plants are now finishing for this year there is still lots of colour around, so just a few pictures showing some of todays highlights.

I have three species of Sedums all starting to flower.

Sedum “Autumn Joy”
A magnificent Sedum filling the front of the borders at the moment and just beginning to colour up. This Sedum grows to 2ft high and has huge plates of flower reaching around 8 ins across, needless to say its adored by the Bees and other visiting insects.

“Sedum spectabile” Brilliant [deep pink]

1-2ft tall and smaller flower plates, but just as pretty as “Joy”

Sedum “Purple Emperor”
This is my favourite one,with its beautiful Wine coloured leaves and dainty deep pink flower plates.

The next 2 pictures are especially for Simbad [Kathy], two years ago Kathy kindly sent me lots of different Salvia seeds, which I sowed and all germinated. Iplanted the seedlings out and everyone got gobbled be the army of slugs that live in my garden, but wait a minute this year some huge rough leaves appeared and started to produce buds this is what it looked like!

I contacted Kathy who I dentified it as Salvia Sclarea, so one did survive and I just love ts structure, its now a very elegant plant!

A very pretty picture;0)

Fuchsia “Emperess Of Prussia” a gift from Sandra [Bloomer] has now made three large pot fulls and lots of cuttings;0)

“Hilda Ogden” Patio Rose, the only one in bloom at the moment, but lots of others with new buds almost ready to open.

Chives [another gift frm Sandra] this is the second flush of flowers and I have take a cutting from it today [Thanks Sandra];0)

View to give an idea how large the Cosmos have grown

“Rhododendron Ponticum” a lovely rhodo with dark green leaves edged in Cream and large Lilac blooms

Look at all the buds, it will be in flower soon!

The Geraniums are doing so well this year in pots and baskets

This is what I have been doing today, taking cuttings and dividing plants;0)

We will finish the little visit with a picture of my front garden

Hope you have enjoyed the tour, thanks for viewing and Happy Gardening;0))

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Certainly did enjoy the tour. I do like the purple sedum and also the pink pelargonium - beautiful. What a nice view you have from your front garden, and well done for taking all those cuttings - I'm trying to work myself up to splitting a heuchera for the first time, so your pot encourages me.

4 Sep, 2013


Lovely wee tour! All looking ever so healthy too. I've noticed that the buds on the spring flowering shrubs are getting fatter by the day.
Thanks for sharing with us :)
Steragram, they take ever so quickly. You'll be wondering why you were worried about it :)

4 Sep, 2013


Thanks Steragram and Scottish pleased you both enjoyed your visit and like Scottish says Heuchera are very easy to take cuttings from;0)

4 Sep, 2013


Still looking lovely as ever,and it's nice to see the Sedums colouring up now..I have been out in the garden most of the day too..I'm glad the Salvia finally appeared..after all that time..amazing ! I'm glad the chives are doing well,I've got a second flowering too..:o)
...And Sue,I have split some of my Heucheras today , easy..just do what Scottish suggested about teasing them apart..go for it ! Lol.

4 Sep, 2013


Lovely. I'm with Stera, love the pink geranium and the dark sedum. I am trying to grow one of those at the moment from a leaf ! Probably will be a long job. You garden is still looking great Carole.

5 Sep, 2013


It looks amazing Pansy, love the colours in the borders it looks so tidy. :O)

5 Sep, 2013


All looking lovely carole... :))

5 Sep, 2013


Some lovely pictures and great gardens. hat Salvia really is spectacular.They don't like my clay soil so given up with Salvias years ago apart from the small(sage like) blue ones!

5 Sep, 2013


Like you Carole I love the sedums, in a ngs garden we visited recently he had one which was called either Postman Pat or Postmans Pride he couldn`t recall which one it was or where he got it from - googled it and no luck
I can see your gardens are still bursting with colour and interest, and that Rhody looks as if its going to be a mass of flowers.

5 Sep, 2013


Thanks Sandra I have been very pleased with the Chives so hoping the cutting will take as I want to put them in the front garden! while I was cutting back I uncovered your Jacobs Ladder, its fine but think its pleased to be seeing the light of day again lol

Thanks Cinders, Olive and Holly, good luck with your Sedum Cinders, I do find they root quite easily! it all does look tidy at the moment, but I suspect when we get back off holiday it will need doing all over again lol

Thanks Paul, I do agree the Salvia is amazing, I do haveheavy clay soil too I just added compost in the hole before planting.

Thanks Phyl what a shame you can't identify the Sedum must say I can't recall any of a similar name, can you not contact the owner of the garden to see if he can help you? Good Luck with your search I am looking forward to the Rhodie flowers as last year it didnt flower;0)

5 Sep, 2013


Lovely sedums Carole! I was thinking of doing similar blog with all my sedums. I still may, if I can find time. Enjoyed yours! :)

5 Sep, 2013


Your sedums are lovely Carole, and I enjoyed the views of your garden :o) I hope all your cuttings 'take' ...

6 Sep, 2013


Thanks for the tour around your garden Carole, it''s all looking lovely, but then I wouldn't expect any other from you!
You've given me the push I needed, I'll be out taking some cuttings etc tomorrow. :)

6 Sep, 2013


Enjoyed your blog PP. you have lovely countryside around your gdn, as well as all the beauty you have created within it.

6 Sep, 2013


You have the sweetest garden, you really do.

I want to sit on one of those chairs and have a good look around! It all looks lovely.

6 Sep, 2013


Thanks Karen, I do hope you have time lovely comments, to do a blog on your Sedums, I will look forward to it;0)

Thanks Hywel pleased you enjoyed the views, Im sure my cuttings will come through ok [says her with her fingers crossed] lol

Hi Waddy Im pleased you like my garden and Im glad I have imspired you to get out there and take some cuttings [Go for it Girl];0)

Thanks Feverfew we are very lucky to have a nice surrounding backdrop to our garden, glad you enjoyed it;0)

Thanks Widrose for your lovely comments , what a pity we dont live nearer, you would be very welcome to come for a look around and a cuppa;0)

7 Sep, 2013


Looking good in your garden, Carole - and like Paul I cannot keep Salvias going on the clay soil - lovely Sedums - at least they thrive in the clay! :o)

7 Sep, 2013


Thanks Shirley, its a shame about the Salvias, my soil does have some cla in it but perhaphs not enough to affect the growth;0)

8 Sep, 2013


The only way I could have them would be in pots I guess ... Scabious are another favourite but they won't grow here either ... :o(

8 Sep, 2013


Lovely garden & some really lovely plants you have there, Carole! :-))

A few years ago I visited the Botanical Gardens in Cambridge & I saw Sedum 'Autumn Joy' for the first time & loved the plants at first sight! I loved your purple leaved one very much, too! Never seen one like that before! I'd love to be able to grow it! I've seen a couple of variegated Sedums around town & I like them too! They are real magnets where bees are concerned!

I've never grown Salvias, not even the summer flowering ones in their gaudy postbox red! I've seen planting of the other colours but again I've never grown them. Perhaps I should buy a packet of seeds next year & fill my balcony with them! Wouldn't half stand out!!! LOL! :-D) I've grown Petunias for the last 3 years in a row but as much as I like them I'm getting rather tired of them now. I looked for inspiration in a garden centre this year before buying the Petunias but came away very disappointed at what I saw & also at the high prices. :-((

8 Sep, 2013


Every year I decide to buy some sedums...and never do. Well this year will be different, I'm going to buy the purple leaved one definitely. I love your garden and its environs, such a lovely place to live. Mine's looking a mess at the moment, being revamped, but I ran out of steam lol:-))

10 Sep, 2013


Hi Balcony pleased you like my garden, The Purple Emperor Sedum is a real beauty certainly worth buying, Im going to try cuttings next year so will let you know how they do, mine has also been very popular with the bees too;0)
Thanks Bornagain,Thanks fo your kind comments;0) Hope you get your steam back again and finish your revamping lol, like Balcony I will let you know if my cuttings take;0)

14 Sep, 2013


If I remember rightly you can divide them very, very easily as they make many little rosettes at the base that can be easily pulled away & as they already have roots you can just pot them up or move them elsewhere in the garden.

19 Sep, 2013


Your right Balcony thats exactly how I take my cuttings, so easy!!

19 Sep, 2013


It's really great when you can do it that way & besides you are almost guaranteed a 100% "take" with this sort of cuttings! :-))

23 Sep, 2013



24 Sep, 2013

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