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May has seen a mixture of torrential rain showers and wonderful sunny days. The effect of the weather on the garden has been very pleasing, as plants have romped away and their colours have intensified in colour and vibrance.I find that with such such growth colour its very hard not to get snap happy with the camera. So here are todays results, hope you enjoy;0)

Euphorbia Poly Chroma and Acer Palmatum make a vibrant partenship their contrasting colours sing out, you just couldnt ignore them!

The Rockery too is awash with colour in more harmonious tones.

The little pond takes on a different light in the sunshine and the For- get-me-nots as blue as the sky.

The magnificent Acer palmatum Dissectum Atropurpureum

Euphorbia “Ascot Rainow” a must have!.

A slightly more gentle combination here, With the “Welsh Poppy”, Geum “Mrs Bradshaw” and the pretty but rather invasive “London Pride”.

Dicentra [Bleeding Heart]

White Dicentra and Red Dragon [gift from Sanbaz.]

Fragaria “Lipstick”

Chives, love them in bud and open. [gift from Sandra]

Choisia [ Mexican Orange Blossom]

Thalictrum, lovely pink/mauve fluffy flowers [a gift from Amy]

Pieris [japonica]

Nitida “Baggenson Gold” and itcertainly lives up to its name!

Hosta , this is at least 6 years old and has been divided to provide clumps throughout the garden.

Astilbe [ lots of clumps in the borders and in pots]

Heuchera [Blackberry Jam a gift from Karen]

Peony [A beautiful deep cerise colour which flowers profusely]

Euonymus Standard [definately one of my prized plants].

Oriental Poppy “Princess Victoria Louise” a peach one and a real beauty!

Heuchera Marmalade a Gift from Gee

A little section of the front garden border;0)

Heuchera Frosted Violet a gift from Shirley

Another lovely Heuchera this time a golden one [a gift from Gee but sorry Ive fogotton its name ] ?.

A lovely sunny afternoon today!

The last picture, View From The Front Garden

Hope you have enjoyed your little tour, hope to see you all again soon!
Thanks For Viewing;0))

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Could not help but like, all beautiful colours difficult to pick a favourite Pieries doe's it, and E.Ascot Rainbow not one I know.

16 May, 2014


Everything looks wonderful Carole I can't pick a favourite either love everything, that acer though Wow!!! and E Ascot Rainbow agree a must have,mines not stopped flowering since I bought it last year ,your hostas doing great in my garden to ;-)

16 May, 2014



16 May, 2014


A very colourful garden - I love acers mine seem to have done very well this year and my hostas - I have used the slug prevention wool pellets this year and it has worked - Jane

16 May, 2014


Thank you Carole, for a lovely trip round your garden. <]:-))

16 May, 2014


Thanks Brian, the Pieris have been particularly stunning this year and Ascot Rainbow is just perfect the colour sings out at you ;0)

Thanks Kathy Ascot Beauty is a beauty isnt it! pleased to hear your Hosta is also doing well too;0)

Thanks Kokki, pleased you like it ;0)

Hi Jane Acers are one of my favourites too just wouldnt want to be without them, thanks for your nice comments;0))

Hi Alan pleased you enjoyed your tour around the garden, I would have had the kettle on if I had known you were coming lol

16 May, 2014


Just stunning,Carole..I really can't choose a favourite ,as they are all beautiful plants,and your colour schemes always work,which is the artist in you showing through..and where you are going to cram all your seedlings in,is a mystery ! Lol. don't tell me you have some spare pots? :o) xx

16 May, 2014


Your garden is very colourful and interesting Carole. Thanks for showing us around :o)
It's obviously loved by it's owner ... :) everything is immaculate ...

16 May, 2014


Lovely plants and garden Carole. I really enjoyed my tour. I love your style with lots of evergreens for winter interest!

16 May, 2014


What a delight. Thanks for sharing with us all.

16 May, 2014


P.s.I think that Hosta might be the same as the one I'm pinching from FIL's garden before the house is sold! :) don't suppose you know the name?

16 May, 2014


Absolutely fabulous !

16 May, 2014


Wow your garden is so pretty and so colourful, loved all the shrubs, especially the Acers, maybe because I cannot get one to grow in my garden. I have one which has got to come out and be replaced with something else as it is nearly all dead. I shall cut it back to the good wood and try to save it but it is dying fast, think maybe it is in the wrong spot, too sunny. All looking beautiful and that view from the front garden is amazing. Love rolling hills. :O)

17 May, 2014


Carole... what a beautiful colourful garden you have.Some many lovely"gifts" from your friends too.Can't pick a fav.although the Eurphorbia, and the lovely colours of the Acers and I love the Hosta as well, just getting into these.How often do you divide your Astilbes?Mine is getting quite big, and I think I might have to split next year.:-)Added to favs. for future colour ref.and plant names!

17 May, 2014


All looking lovely carole... :)

17 May, 2014


Hi Sandra thanks for your lovely comments, Im sure I will find places for the seedlings, you know me Where there is a will ,theres a way! lol

Thanks Hywel pleased you like the garden;0)

Thanks Karen I do like lots of mainstay shrubs and plants, Im afraid I can't remember the name of the Hosta but its a real beauty;0)

Hi Scottish pleased you like my garden;0)

Thanks to you too Olive, I really do love my Acers, hope you have better luck with yours [I did buy an Orange Dream last year which is really struggling, dont think it will make it!]

Hi Val great minds think alike my favourites are the Acers, Hosta's and my new Euphorbia[certainly worth seeking this one out! I dont have a special recipe to divide the Astilbes just stick the fork in and dig a portion out lol it hasnt failed me yet!!

Thanks Holly pleased you approve.;0)

Hi Kidsgran, sorry I missed you up there, but glad to hear you like it;0))

17 May, 2014


All looks wonderful, and so tidy too! I just planted the same thalictrum 2 days ago. I love chives too and all the allium family.

18 May, 2014


You have good taste Tuesday just like me lol

18 May, 2014


Well Carole we may have moaned about all the rain we had earlier in the year but with this recent spell of sunshine nature waved her magic wand and with a lot of help from you has produced a beautiful tapestry of colour. I honestly couldn`t pick a favourite its all so eyecatching.
After seeing your Thalictrum I went in search of mine, thought I`d lost it, but no its just showing about 6inches of growth but being rather crowded out by the Margarites.
You`ve also put a name to a huge Euphorbia I have the `Ascot rainbow`, like you I think this ones a beauty.

22 May, 2014


Thanks Phyiliss I agree the the rain and the sunshine have brought out the plants in profusion, Im pleased you found your Thalictrum Im really taken with them now and also great to hear you also have Ascot Rainbow, we wil be able to compare plants now ;0)

22 May, 2014

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