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My Yucca [Gloriosa] Ughh


I bought this Yucca 2years ago, it was a very healthy looking plant and we were at first thrilled to bits with it. However soon after coming to live with us I started to notice large Browny, Black and yellow spots appearing. I decided to cut off the affected leaves as an attempt to curtail the spread. Las this has’’nt worked and the Yucca ended up looking very sick and UGLY !!!

A Closeup of the dreaded plague!

Not A Pretty Sight”*
My first reaction Was *" Its Got to ,Got to GO" *then feeling sorry for the wretched thing, thought I wouldnt want anyone to get rid of me just because of a few spots! So armed with gloves and secatures I started to chop off the affected leaves , which left just six remaining leaves and a strange looking scalped Yucca, as you can see it must be feeling quite embarrassed in its near naked condition!

A Close Shave

So Caling on all you Garden Buffs out There What do you think the Outcome will be?* Hoping to hear your advice and diagnose of the problems and where did I go Wrong

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I'm really sorry, but this blog made me smile.
Such a close shave. Lol.
PP ~ I hope sincerely that you get an answer to restore the Yucca to good health.

16 Apr, 2009


Don't know what I'm talking about but this reminds me of a fungus infection. Have you tried searching Google for any info? .

16 Apr, 2009


I've spend awhile looking through the different gardening pages looking for Yucca to see if I could find an answer for you. Unfortunately I haven't found anything that could help.

My first impression was overwatering. Yucca are succulent plants which store a lot of water in their thick, swollen leaves. You may have given it too much water or it is planted in place with poor drainage.

Yuccas are very resistant plants & it's not easy to kill them. Excess water is practically the only way. Stripping it of its leaves won't help in this case. The only practical thing to do is to stop watering it or dig it up & move it to another place in your garden or put it back in its original position, if you can't put it elsewhere. But wherever you plant it you must increase the drainage, dig in lots of sharp sand, grit or even gravel. They don't need much in the way of nutrients, just a free draining soil.

I saw many where I used to live in central Spain, most of the time it was very, very dry & they were popular to plant in the middle of motorways. Nothing else could live in these, often very narrow strips, of "soil" , not even grasses that were often seen in very dry land.

Hope this helps & I especially hope the plant recovers & goes onto flower as I've seen them do in the conditions I've described above.

16 Apr, 2009


Useful info. Balcony :o)

16 Apr, 2009


Whatever it was Pp,think you have done the right thing in cutting all infected areas out ! Hope it makes a full recovery !

16 Apr, 2009


Terra Im glad it made you smile. guess my description was a bit tongue in cheek, but I was so disppointed that I could have cried, so thought what the heck lets look at the funny side, as the saying goes "its no use crying over spilt milk! or in this case spotty leaves.!

Balcony, Thankyou so much all your information, feel I know alot more about Yucca's than when I started off. The Yucca is planted in part sharp sand and compost in a really big pot, this was on the advice of the nursery man. I have a feeling it was already infected before it came to me, as the problem started almost straight away, but I could be wrong! I can see where you are coming from with the plant needing dry conditions, just dont understand it as I very seldom watered it just left it to its own devices, unless the very wet and cold winter as brought on the blight.. Will seriously consider moving it if I can find the right place for it. thanks again will keep you posted!

Gee! thanks will have a look on Google 2morrow and yes I think it could be funus or viral as I seem to remember seeing something similar in book somewhere,

Bonkers. Thanks Ive fingers crossed for a full recovery too.

16 Apr, 2009


I don't know aboput Yuckas but yours had a real crop didn't it. lol.
Sorry to laugh but I do hope it recovers.

17 Apr, 2009


Poor old thing. It looks a bit like a Punk Yukka now!!
Never seen this kind of spotting on such a plant before.
Let's hope it recovers and regrows its hair!!

17 Apr, 2009


Well Thanks everyone for your comments, advice and well wishes, been on Google and tracked down the problem, showed identical pictures of the dreaded Spots, apparently its a Leaf Spot disease caused by the Fungus Coniothyrium, it is treatable, first by removing all infected leaves then spraying remaining plant with a Fungacide i.e Daconil, Maneb or Zineb, so off to garden centre on Monday for my Fungacide, seems I did ok giving it A Close Shave! but we will wait and see.!

17 Apr, 2009


I glad you found out the cause of the disease ! hopeit will get better with the treatment!

18 Apr, 2009


Dont worry about these plants they are hard to kill I get black down the bottom of the leaves I have on in my front garden too which was bigger than the one that has just flowered its the cutting from the one out my front. I had some one try and dig it up at 12 midnight one night which loosened it and fell forward so just incase it started to root near a drain by it I had some one cut it down with a chain saw, to my amazement if grew back with 20 or so on the stem which was left . I have been told if ever you want to get rid of them you have to dig the root out.

26 Jun, 2009

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