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Have you fallen foul of the ridiculous Royal Mail charging system?
This morning had a card pushed through the door by the postie, an item needs to be paid for. So of I go to the sorting office. Great it’s some seeds kindly sent to me via GOY. Quite a lot of seeds making the C6 envelope a bit on the thicker side. £1.06 to pay – due to the envelope being slightly thicker than say a letter the postage was just 6p short but £1 added for handling charge. As I was counting out the money I said to the post man “there’s some profit in that” he agreed then ripped up the card and told me to put the money in my little girl’s money box. Even he felt it was a bit OTT. What a nice man!! It made me smile, but left me wondering if the recipient of my seeds has had to pay anything as I only had 2nd class stamps in the house (my seeds were much more meagre offerings though, “I will make it up to you ?”).
Anyone else found this nonsense occuring?

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what a nice man, restore your faith in people when things like that happen doesnt it

19 Aug, 2008


Sure does. I did tell him I would think about when I was sowing the seeds.

19 Aug, 2008


Im lucky enough to work near a post office, the guy behind the counter has a letter box shape to put envelopes through, if they go through I'm ok , if not I can take them home and repackage them. Hes such a nice man LOL

19 Aug, 2008


I sent three films off for processing a few months back. Two came back with lots of pictures; the other one finally came back with a note saying "rejected by recpient" because the Post Office decided it had insufficient postage paid even though it had the same stamp as the other two. Would someone like to explain this to me?

19 Aug, 2008


Iv recieved Items From Ebay In Post & Had Royal Mail Post Cards put in my door 2 saying iv extra 2 pay ? What a Rip off its all become :( Iv also noticed on Ebay some Postages cost more than the Item its Self ? :/

19 Aug, 2008


hand's up , i work for royal mail as an engineer on the mail sorting machines. times have changed i'm afraid, competition has eaten into profits so they are doing things 'by the book', watch out for not only postage but thickness as well, if in doubt check with counter staff before posting, otherwise those 'free' seeds will cost !!!

19 Aug, 2008


I also got stung by the increased postage on films. Before they just needed a first class stamp and now it costs
£1-14 per film. It's not a small increase!

27 Aug, 2008

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