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Fuchsia boliviana

Added on 15 Aug, 2008 | 0 photos

Species: Fuschia boliviana.

This is the red one - the white (var. alba) died on me (which shows that even plants from a respectable source c...


Fuchsia magellanica alba

Added on 8 Aug, 2008 | 1 photo

Genus: Fuchsia.
Species: Fuchsia magellanica.

Fuchsia magellanica alba - Small pale-pink flowers, a bit flowering-shy but very vigorous in growth. Strangely, ...


Photinia Red Robin

Added on 8 Aug, 2008 | 1 photo

Genus: Photinia.
Species: Photinia x fraseri.

Beautiful red new growth contrasts with mid/dark green evergreen older leaves. I have two standards each about ...