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The Fuchia beside being a very pretty flower also has edible berries, in most cases they can leave an unpleasent after taste. The ones listed below do not.

Fuchsia boliviana as a juicy berry with a sweetish taste, a very pleasant flavour. The fruit can be up to 25mm long. Other names Fuchsia corymbiflora

Fuchsia coccinea the berries can be eaten raw or cooked. These juicy berries have small seeds that can be swallowed, they have a sweet flavour with no hint of any unpleasant aftertaste (which some do, but none of these I have listed do). The ellipsoid fruit can be up to 17mm long. Other names F. elegans. F. montana. F. Cambess. F. pendula. F. pubescens.

Fuchsia corymbiflora has a juicy berry that tastes like ripe figs. The fruit can be up to 12mm long and 10mm wide.

Fuchsia splendens has a juicy berry with tart with a lemon/peppery taste. This is the nicest fuchsia fruit I have eaten as yet. When my daughter was 12 months old she was ecstatic about them, eating them in quantity. The fruit can be up to 40mm long and 8mm wide.

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Later in the summer, there are sometimes fuchsia berries near my dog run, and I'm never certain if these berries are poisonous.

I've always presumed the taste of fuchsia berries would not necessarily be attractive...

9 May, 2009


thanks for that pride, i didn't know they were edible have noted them down, wonder if you can make jam from them?

9 May, 2009


Well, you learn something every day. I never knew that. :o)

9 May, 2009


F. procumbens fruit is also edible - we had a large plant of on the show bench in a fruiting class years ago and caught one of the judges eating the berries... before the plant was judged! It still won a first but obviously did not like having its fruits eaten as it gave up the ghost a year or so later. Moral watch the judges if you put something with edible fruits on a show bench :-)

9 May, 2009


Sewinkilla - you'd need an awful lot of berries to make a pot of jam :-)

9 May, 2009


Yes i thought of that after Moongrower LOL!!! was just interested really, didn't know they were edible, could add some to another jam i suppose

9 May, 2009


Or make a really small pot of jam lol Whilst they are edible I wouldn't say they tasted wonderful

10 May, 2009

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