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Sunny yellow rose!


By Raquel


I have battled and battled with this rose for quite some time, and it often drove me to distraction, because it always seemed plagued by SOMETHING – mites, red spiders, aphids, fungus, you name it, this rose seemed to attract it! But ever since Ike, when I shuffled my plants around and placed it surrounded by geraniums, the yellow rose has flourished.

Louise Riotte, in her book “Roses Love Garlic” states that geraniums are beneficial companions to roses, and I wonder if that’s why the rose has less insects/plagues attacking it now. I would love to think it was my TLC, but I think the geraniums may be discouraging the insects! So now the rose is not only blooming, it is giving me what I call ‘bunches’ of roses, meaning three roses on a stem, when usually it gives me only one! A funny thing about the roses in Houston (and the geraniums) is that they do much better once the weather cools off, so much so that I once told my sister “I wonder if they think they’re in a fridge in some florists’ shop?” lol I’m pretty thrilled right now, though worried about the red and the white rose, which seem to be much weaker. I’m even thinking of getting a new geranium to put next to them. Since I love geraniums, it’s a good excuse to indulge and get another one!

(The pictures above are not of one rose. They’re of different blooms in different stages of flowering.)

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The rose is lovely. Do you know the variety ?

8 Dec, 2008


Lovely rose pictures :o)
GoY member Gilli has lots of experience with roses, so she may be able to help you if you need more advice.
Good blog Raquel. :o)
Are you planning to buy any more new roses ?

8 Dec, 2008


Congratulations - your perseverance paid off. Don't give all the credit to the geranium, keep some for yourself.

8 Dec, 2008


Plant companions would make a good blog - I haven't got the knowledge, but maybe another member could pick this one up?

Well done - your rose is obviously happy now! :-)

8 Dec, 2008


I seem to remember that planting marigolds with roses discourages greenfly, the same with tomatoes, and by carrots they discourage carrot fly. Well, they are quite pungent!

8 Dec, 2008


A lot of logic in that, Pottygardener.
I very much agree :o)

8 Dec, 2008


Thanks everyone for all your comments!

Hywel, I don't know what kind it is, unfortunately. Wish I did. All I know is it's a miniature hybrid!

TT I'm not planning to buy any right now, the three I have give me quite a bit of work, and I haven't seen any recently that has me willing to sacrifice even more for the roses...=) I would love a peach or sunset colored one, or one with stripes but those are hard to find as minatures!

9 Dec, 2008

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