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Garden ramblings ..... Autumn 2020


Whilst putting my garden ‘to bed’ the other day, a few random things occurred to me …..

1. Most annoying noise ever? Chain saw and chipper in someone else’s garden.

2. Tender self-sown annuals come up just before the first frost of the year.

3. My great gardening friend, a robin, is constantly tells me I am doing it all wrong.
To have him eat out of your hand, breed your own mealworms.

4. Tea bag cases do not rot down in the compost bin.

5. No matter how many Nerine bulbs you have planted, only 3 will flower in any given year.

6. Sieving home-made compost by hand is hard work.

7. The dahlia you don’t particularly like will survive for years in the border.

8. The roofs on the shed, greenhouse, gazebo, etc. will leak.

9. Those 3 pretty moths you rescued and released, are the same box caterpillar that decimated your hedge.

10. The water in a small pond goes green, no matter how often you clean it out.

Do you think lockdown is affecting me in any way?

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Oh dear there speaks the voice of experience...I envy you your tame robin! Ours comes noseying around as they do but foolishly we haven't been consistent with the mealworms.Also envy you for your dahlia even if you don't much like it. I can't grow them at all- well not fast enough to keep up with the slug damage...
Can I add most annoying smell to your list? Other people's BBQs, scenting the air all around with the smell of meths and overheated fat, coming over the hedge just where the lonicera is - and winning.

21 Oct, 2020


Ah... my BBQing neighbours are a bit further away .... just a waft of something delicious on the wind!
I have just thought of no.11 .....
You CAN have too many succulents - the greenhouse doesn’t have elastic sides!

21 Oct, 2020


The joys of gardening ah, my rambling is and I don’t mean to offend anyone and that is silly fairy lights adorned over fences shrubs etc, when I look out my bedroom and look down the many back gardens, you could easily be in Vegas, folk are obsessed with flashing lights, I could tell you some interesting story’s on nomes that I have seen on my travels, each to their own I suppose.

21 Oct, 2020


Plastic pink flamingos adorning the front lawn uggghhh!

22 Oct, 2020


Plastic plants in pots, particularly "box balls" and those hideous plastic mock hanging flowering balls (not sure what plant they're meant to be.) Usually left out so long in the weather they end up a faded grey.

22 Oct, 2020


Bathgate and Anget, I’m with you both there ...!

22 Oct, 2020


It's like sod's law isn't it :D

22 Oct, 2020


I hope you feel better for that moan Shirley! I am pleased you mentioned Nerines because every year I think I will buy some but always forget! I don't think I will bother now!
And how is it in the summer when we have just sat in the sun with a cuppa, does someone decide to use their pressure hose!!
But I still love my garden!

1 Nov, 2020

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