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Hello all I am back! Unfortunately my husband of 63 years passed away on 5th February aged 90. He had had a wonderful healthy life until 7 years ago when he suffered a stroke and was unable to be left. As you can imagine my garden was my life line, although i had only little sessions to attend to it, having cut back all the hard work in maintaining rambling roses and such things that needed a step ladder but were my joy. Obviously the colour has not been the same since, but still a great pleasure. 3 years ago I decided I was going to give up growing my own veg with lack of time, but come each Spring I could not resist. Last Autumn I decided definitely I was not going to grow veg, so decided to plant my raised beds with Tulips and Daffs to cheer me up early in the year. The Winter always seeming so long. Having already bought my bulbs as usual i came across a bulb sale of bags of 50 1/3rd of the price, of Tulips Daffodils and Narcosis could I resist? so I bought 2 of each. When planting them I suddenly thought, well if I put them in clumps, I can leave room in between for SOME veg!!!The bulbs would have flowered before the veg goes in and yet I can see where they are as they die back. What a thrill I have had this Spring. My garden has been a delight from January on with snowdrops followed by Crocus, Anemones,Fritillaria, Daffs & Narcosis followed by tulips.
After such a dreadful Winter and Spring with the weather I have kept smiling and how dare we say now “We could do with some rain” I had a patch in one of my secret gardens where I had planted a few hundred crocus and fratillaria, so I have now planted another 600 remembrance crocus making it up to 1000 and look forward to the show next Spring. This is where our Arbor is where we always sat to take our breaks I am not very good with the photography and being the garden divided into so many parts I will try at least to show you my raised beds which I have taken after the best of the show is over but the veg Broad beans, Lettuce , spinach and early potatoes are just starting to peep through. My Runner beans are all planted in a specially prepared bed and staked all I have to wait for now is them to peep through and give me a better crop than I have had for a few years, providing they are not stolen by the pigeons who for some reason love living in my garden. Here’s hoping.With this lock down now, I still cannot go gallivanting, but who needs to with a lovely garden and Sunshine. The only thing is I wont have the family and visitors to share my veg with this year if it goes on.


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Welcome back Thelma, I am so pleased you are still gardening. I am so sorry to hear the sad news of your husband. Sending you lots of hugs.

Your bulbs look stunning, such a good show. Keep in touch x

21 Apr, 2020


I just hope it works. Thinking on the latest of no digging just top feed and let the worms do the rest I cannot see why I cannot rotate some of my beds for certain veg and to have some with bulbs in permanently in beds, to allow certain veg to be planted in between.Thinking on it an old uncle of mine who was a gardener in a mansion many years ago, his garden was never dug he used to say that encouraged the weeds. whereas us farmers plough the arable fields every year! Things go around in circles. I just thought it prettied up my garden early on and encouraged me to cut down on the veg, which are all inclined to come together and only feeding one makes a big difference. Cheers Eileen.

22 Apr, 2020


Wow Thelma! What a big veg. garden you have there, but it looks wonderful with all the spring bulbs in it. I can see you would have trouble eating all the veg you could grow in there. Here's an idea.....use some of your raised beds to scatter annual seeds on for cutting flowers for the house. Or even plant some Dahlias in them for the same purpose. So sorry to hear of your loss. x

22 Apr, 2020


I am sorry to hear about your husband Thelma.
Your garden looks wonderful. The Tulips look good enough to eat. ☺️ It is lovely to see the vegetables growing in between the flowers.

22 Apr, 2020


Its a jolly good idea and looks good. What a good thing you bought all those bulbs - excellent therapy. You should have plenty of space for some veg when the y die back.

22 Apr, 2020


Sorry to hear of your loss Thelma, sixty three years of marriage is fantastic he sounds like a lovely bloke and what you have done with all those veg beds is really good, the bulbs look so nice, don’t you find planting bulbs a labour of love, to be honest I love every aspect of horticulture apart from planting bulbs which I find laborious, I did a similar job for a customer in October, he phoned me up and said I have brought a few spring bulbs for you to plant, and what the heck he had a sack of daffodils and thirty plus bags of tulips each with twenty five in, I remember that soggy October day on my knees in the pouring rain, it was lousy but his garden looks incredible they have all come up, they were very expensive unusual bulbs, and he has posted pictures to all his friends around the world, so a big well done to you Thelma.

23 Apr, 2020


Thanks for all your replies, it is encouraging me to keep going, with the aid of my stationary bicycle trying to get my fitness back along with some press ups. and so far I have not had time to be lonely in lock down. I should not grumble at 84. Apart from my labours in the garden,being in a little village where quite a few surgeons and Drs . with small children live and no park, I have opened my garden gates and told them all to take the children around on their daily family walk about to watch the tadpoles develop and enjoy the garden.They bring their own jam jars to bail a few out to inspect closely! I have a wonderful colourful cockerel which I move around each day, and they have to fine him. I do most of my work out side early in the day before they walk around so I get lots of waves and chats through the window, keeping my back garden private that I can still roam outside and potter. I feel I have an extended family, caring for me and willing to bringing in supplies if I need.

24 Apr, 2020


That's wonderful! More power to your elbow. Maybe I should try a press up now and again...

24 Apr, 2020


Thelma you sound to be such a very special person and I feel sure everyone that knows you must love you.

You have made your garden look beautiful and yet manageable too.

Nice to be meeting you for the first time.

25 Apr, 2020

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