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Hostas - War on Slugs!!!




I was just spraying my Hostas with my concoction and suddenly realised lots of folk get heartbroken with the slugs and hostas. So I clicked on H in the A-Z on the question page and looked up to see if my remady was there but no. So here goes. This is something I heard a long time ago on the Television when they were talking to the person who has the biggest Hosta collection in the country or did then. They asked how she coped with the problem of slug damage. Her answer was “Boil a few Garlic bulbes in water leave it stand then strain it off and spray the hostas with the solution,” I can’t quite remember I think she said to crush or liquidise and then put through a muslin, but I found that kept blocking my spray up, so try just lightly crushing them before boiling then strain off. Hope it works for you it does wonders for me, the best solution I have ever come accross..

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Useful advice.
Thanks for sharing with everyone. :o)

14 Jun, 2009


Thanks. My hostas are not too bad this year thankfully.

15 Jun, 2009


Just found this great idea, how much water or how dilute should it be? It's such a coincidence as I was listening to the radio earlier and someone was saying that she also uses garlic on roses, food crops etc and the remains, ie whats left of the bulbs, she mixes in the soil, I think to keep soil nasties at bay. She was a commercial organic gardener and it worked for her:-)

11 Oct, 2009


I'm going to give this a try.....definitely! BA, I suppose it won't matter how strong it is, as long as its not too weak, or the critters won't be able to detect it! I know that it's good to plant chives under roses...keeps the aphids some degree anyway. :)

30 Mar, 2013


Oooh thanks Karen, I'll try that chives tip, I think I'm going to buy a 'few' more roses. Do you know anything about the red Eden rose, Red Pierre de Ronsard?:-)

31 Mar, 2013


Sorry, no, that one is new to me...lovely name though!

31 Mar, 2013

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