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By Tanja

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I often use excellent specimen tree, varieties. My favorite trees are:
Acer palmatum; Cornus florida; Lagerstroemia indica; Prunus serrulata “kiku-shidare sakura” and Prunus serrulata “kanzan”; Prunus subhirtella ‘Autumnalis’ (that flowers during autumn); Aesculus hippocastanum x briotti (with beautiful red flowers); Liquidambar styraciflua (during the autumn late August-untill they drop leaves, it is the most attractive deciduous tree for me, so colorful); and many many more. But now, I;m focus on propagation by cuttings. So, in this winter time I use bottom heat for propagation.
If someone can tell me some link, or some literature on how to propagate evergreen by cuttings.

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Hi Tanja
Did you find your literature on evergreen cuttings eventually?
I only joined late last year and just found this blog, if you havent found a book yet, try Carol Klein's How to grow your garden, there's just about every form of propagation technique there is in it.

16 Jan, 2011

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