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Hummingbird Movie


By TasteyG


Made-up of approximately 250 consecutive still shots.

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Clever photography :o)

7 Nov, 2008


I really enjoyed this Tasteyg :) Great Work :)

7 Nov, 2008


Each a single shot ? You must have a pretty special camera or a degree of dedication that is admirable. Love the movie image - really dislike You tube and its gross anything goes approach.

When viewing this pop up filter went mad wonder what they were trying to send me ugh.

7 Nov, 2008


Thanks all, for the kind words :)
Bonkersbon- Yes, each is a single photo. I got some remote controls for my camera a while back, specifically with the hummingbirds in mind. One with a cord and one without. The one with the cord can be used to rapid fire shots at a very fast rate and thats' how I got these shots, along with a tripod. This approach is similar to the old flip books. Do you know what I mean? I would say it's a little of both... my camera is nice, an Olympus Evolt. I have been accused of being a "spaz" or very particular when it comes to things that I create, be it photography or whatever else I make. I like to make stuff and I'm a bit of a perfectionist about it, which I think is a little annoying to those who know me well and who aren't like that. I feel that if I'm going to do something, I should do it the best I can, that's all. Youtube isn't my favorite either, but I haven't found another way to post my videos on GOY. I would rather just submit them directly to GOY, but am unaware of how to do that. So if anybody out there knows how to submit video directly to GOY please let me know. Thanks Tracy

8 Nov, 2008


Very nice video/camera work. Hummingbirds are so hard to catch a glimpse of and I love seeing footage of them.

8 Nov, 2008


Very enjoyable, thank you.

8 Nov, 2008


Enjoyed it very much, you put me to shame on my photo taking, well done.

8 Nov, 2008


Nothing wrong with being a perfectionist in my book, Tracy. I have only had a video camera since last Christmas, and I have not yet produced a movie that I am happy with! I am in total awe of the patience of professional wildlife movie makers as a consequence.
Such beautiful birds - I love them. Thank you for posting it.

8 Nov, 2008


Thanks a lot all :)
Would love to see some footage ShirleyPoppy! Thanks for the comment on being a perfectionist :)))
Thanks Clarice for the comment, although I don't mean to put anyone to shame. Practice makes perfect, is what they say. Since I've been on this site, my photo taking has increased immensely. I'd like to thank all those who have encouraged me on this site with all your lovely comments on my photos :)

10 Nov, 2008


Now that's very nice. Thanks for sharing Tastey!!

11 Nov, 2008


Thanks Gardengnome I'm glad that you enjoyed it :)

11 Nov, 2008


Wow, the technology is out there. I too did a circular 360 degree picture of a rock garden I did. It made you feel that you in the middle of the patio. It will not upload to goY as such. Perhaps someday.

That was 12 pictures only, and rocks are not hummingbirds. Simply an A triple plus. On my knees!
Santa Cruz area indeed. Wonders!


8 Dec, 2008


Herb- Hope that you get your video up on GOY. I have to do mine from Youtube for some reason. I can't get it to load from my program. What's that about 12 pictures? Glad you like the movie/collage. This footage was taken from Gilroy, CA. That's where I live nowadays. We're not too far away from Santa Cruz though.

11 Dec, 2008


Wow I'm impressed I like photography and I now have just recently switched to digital I have a Canon 300D, Well done.

31 Mar, 2009


Thanks Bobg :) Just a bunch of stills put together to make a movie, glad that you liked it :) Looking forward to seeing yours ;~)

31 Mar, 2009


Cool. You should show this to the kids.

18 Apr, 2009


If we ever get the computer up and running in the classroom again I can :)

19 Apr, 2009


Loved your film on the humming bird .
we get mummingbird moths in our garden must try and fix somthing up is it justsuger and water that you put in the feeder hope to here from you soon Ann

6 May, 2009

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