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C'mon, lets take a trip to the San Diego Zoo


By TasteyG


Your ticket

This is our trip to the San Diego Zoo :) We were there for 6 hours and only caught a glimpse of this incredible place. I would highly recommend a visit for anyone who loves animals. Plan on going more than one day if you want to see it all :) I used their website at text
to name as many of the animals and birds that I could. I hope that you all enjoy this blog as much as we enjoyed our visit :) I’ve added links to this blog (under some of the pictures), so that you can learn more about the animals if you wish to :) Simply select the underlined word “text” under the photo. Enjoy!

About the San Diego Zoo
The San Diego Zoo is a not-for-profit organization that operates the San Diego Zoo, the San Diego Zoo’s Wild Animal Park, and San Diego Zoo’s Institute for Conservation Research. The Zoo was founded on October 2, 1916, by Harry M. Wegeforth, M.D. It currently has a 12-member Board of Trustees headed by Berit Durler; Douglas G. Myers is the Zoo’s executive director.

The San Diego Zoo is the largest zoological membership association in the world, with more than 250,000 member households and 130,000 child memberships, representing more than a half million people. Members enjoy free admission to the Zoo and the Wild Animal Park, a subscription to the monthly magazine ZOONOOZ, and other benefits. Both Zoo and Park are open every day of the year.

Mission Statement
The San Diego Zoo is a conservation, education, and recreation organization dedicated to the reproduction, protection, and exhibition of animals, plants, and their habitats.

San Diego Zoo
The 100-acre (40-hectare) Zoo is home to over 4,000 rare and endangered animals representing more than 800 species and subspecies, and a prominent botanical collection with more than 700,000 exotic plants. It is located just north of downtown San Diego in Balboa Park.








Jeffreyus Cercophithecidae

Monkey, sorry not sure which type

Silly Me

Bali Mynah


Blue-crowned Pigeon

From W Papuan Islands

Metallic Starling’s huge condo nest

From NE Australia

Easter Broad-billed Roller

Range: Himalayas, Philipines

Black & crimson Oriole

From Java

The beautiful and very friendly Chestnut-breasted Malcoha

From Sumatra.

When I started photographing this bird it was on a nearby branch. It flew towards me and landed on the rail I was leaning on, directly in front of my lens. I was startled, but very excited to be so close to it :)

Magnificent Fruit Dove

Range: NW New Guinea & Island

Sloth Bear


Brown Bear


River Otter
















Wrinkled Hornbill



This one looked as if it were wearing fake eye lashes, they were so long!


White-breasted Wood Swallow

Range: Indonesia, Philipines, Australia & New Guinea

Sun Bear This is Mama bear


Bear cub

Harpy Eagle


Steller’s Sea-eagle


Red-crowned Crane



Commorant Nest

Saddle-billed Stork

Spoon-billed Something or Other

Forest Buffalo

Bonobo (Pygmy Chimp)


Bearded Barbet

Range: Senegal to Chad


Baby Hummingbird

Living wild in a tree

Huge Bird of Paradise



Mmmmmmm, you look tasty!

Horned Pheasant

Silver-back Gorilla


Large Male





Bird of Paradise

For a much better photo go here:


Wild Hummingbird

Staghorn Fern w an unknown

Bauhinia or Orchid Tree (Thanks Bernieh :)

Grooming Time

Orangutan Using a stick to fish termites out of a hole.


Little One

Large Male







The End

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Wow, thanks for the tour Tasty. As usual, your photos are fantastic. I have been to the zoo a couple of times but that was years ago. I loved it there. Thanks for posting. :o)

22 May, 2009


great trip round the zoo thanks. love the sloth. the flwering aloe and the meercat. nice to see the tigers in action they seem to have a nice size run...
thanks for the photos...;-))

22 May, 2009


Loved It Loved It :) The Pics Are Fantastic Trace cant choose my fav as i loved every 1 of them :) Thanx 4 Sharing :)

22 May, 2009


What a great set of pics...thanks T for allowing us to view them....:>)

22 May, 2009


Wow! Thanks for the trip...your pics are brilliant and brightened up a wet morning in the UK :)

22 May, 2009


Fantastic pics the large male silver -back is a stunning shot thanks great blog :0)

22 May, 2009


And a big THANKS from me as well, loved the tour and ended up skipping from one pic. to the next like an excited six year old. I'm sure I spotted a couple of my family members in there....HeHe.
You're very lucky to be able to visit such a lovely place and I'm very envious lol.

Thanks again T.
Hugs and Kisses to you and yours.............Ian

22 May, 2009


Just found you Blog Tasteyg. That must have been an amazing Trip. Thanks for sharing all those beautiful photos with us...............

22 May, 2009


Wow thanks so much. Just loved your photos - the close-up of the male gorilla is amazing and I loved that Bali Myna! Beautfiul hibiscus as well and I think I spotted a bauhinia flower.

22 May, 2009


What a wonderful day Tracy , it must have taken you ages to look through 600 pics, and choose some for us .. thank -you ........
The photos are all so brilliant , the zoo reminded me of one that we went to in the Loire Valley in France a couple of years ago ........

22 May, 2009


Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful zoo ! The photos are great - you always manage to capture the personality of the subject as well as take a nice clear shot.Have truly enjoyed this mini-tour.

22 May, 2009


Brilliant photos - thank you so much. I missed out on the zoo when I was in San Diego, many moons ago, and it looks as though I missed out on a treat.

22 May, 2009


Gosh talk about snap happy, But that was a great tour, thank you,

22 May, 2009


Your pics were a real pleasure Tastey. Loved every one.

22 May, 2009


Thank you all for viewing my blog and your lovely comments. You all are very welcome and I'm glad that you enjoyed it.
Did anyone use the "text" links and how did you like them?
Sandra- I was very excited to catch the action shot of the tigers :)
Crazydi- So glad to have brightened up your day :)
Sue- The close-up of the Silver-back gorilla was one of my faves to, thanks :)
Bernieh- Thanks for naming the mystery flower :)
Amy- It took me quite some time to go through the photos, but I was very pleased with how the blog came out and happy to share it with all of you :)
Newkid- Sorry that you missed the zoo on your visit. Perhaps next time you're in area.
Dave- My friend told me that I might have a problem, when I told her how many pics I took. I take way more than I need to in hopes that I will get ones that I'm happy with ;~)

22 May, 2009


I used the text links Tasty....they were really interesting. I don't quite know how you put them on there but that was a great idea. I think I like the last photo best.....LOL

23 May, 2009


Thanks Gilli :) I see that you have a good sense of humor ;~) When writing a blog you would type:
"text":put link here
Does that make sense?

23 May, 2009


That makes perfect sense Tastey. I'll have to give it a try. :o)

23 May, 2009


Oh deear! I can see chaos on the horizon.

23 May, 2009


Dear Tracy! First: THANKS! For enviting me. I don´t read blogs often, because it´s getting too much. You put so much love into the blog and the uploading and the text and informing us...
Second: This was a great tour. fantastic animals. The text I will read later. (Today I can´t sit any more)
Third: PHOTOS ARE SUPERGOOD. Professional. It´s true, what grammazoo said: You get in contact with the personality. I like them very much, most of all the harpy eagle. What a "bird" - it is a mysterium. And the resting Flamingo. And all the apes. And ....

23 May, 2009


Fantastic blog and photos, TG. I love the baby bear and the colour of the flamingos is superb. Great idea to issue tickets, too, now I can make a return visit any time I want :)

23 May, 2009


Do you know T. this is my fourth or fifth visit to your blog, I just love looking through all the brill pics and reading the blog to Holly, She's totally adicted to it. The only prob is she has asked about twenty or more times if we can go!!!!!
Thanks again for another lovely insight.
H & K's .........Ian

23 May, 2009


Hope that it works out for you Gilli :)
Oh no Toto, what kind of chaos will ensue????
Nelke- Thank you, thank you, thank you :) I don't read the blogs often either, it's all I can do to keep up w member's photos :) When photographing animals I like to make eye contact with the animal. It takes a bit longer to get that shot, but well worth it I think. They say the eyes are windows to the soul :) The Harpy eagle was hard to walk away from, it was so majestic! I had a feeling you would enjoy this blog, that's why I sent you an invitation :)) Glad that you made it.
Thanks for the compliments Gee :) The Sun bear cub was so cute :) He was sticking his tonuge in the hole of the log, eating some sort of insects I assume, perhaps ants or termites. Glad you like the ticket idea :))
Ian- Like Gee said, you can make a return visit anytime you like, that goes for Holly as well :)) Tell her this trip is a lot less tiring and easier on the wallet ;~) You're very welcome and I'm glad that you're both enjoying it :) Have you got any zoos located closer to where you live? Perhaps you and Holly could visit one closer to home. Take care :)

24 May, 2009


Oh yes, we've been to Tycross zoo a number of times but (and can you believe this) she doesn't want to go anymore because "its toooo smellie" Kids hay ??????

H & K's .................Ian

24 May, 2009


Tracy what a fantastic blog thank you so much - myself and Ben took your tour and now he wants to go there today !!!! loving the text link what a clever lady - must try this out

24 May, 2009


Great tour of the zoo it's as if I have been there myself. I love the profile of the Silver-back Gorilla. Were you in enclosure?

Keep up the good work!

24 May, 2009


Ian- This zoo seemed very clean to me; not smelly at all, except for the ponds and the penguins. They were a bit smelly. Tell Holly one day when she makes her millions she can fly to San Diego and visit the animals ;~)
Angie- Glad that you Ben enjoyed the tour :)
TOG- Goodness no, I was not in the enclosure! I was behind a very thick piece of glass. They seemed docile, especially the big guy. He was just sitting with his back to the glass most of the time that we viewed him.

24 May, 2009


Tastey.... Honestly Holly would complain about the smell in heaven!!!!!
Mrs. Digs and I have taken her to several petting farms and such but we usually cut the visit short due to the "pong"

She really doesn't like bad smells, her comments on my chicken manure pellets had us in hysterics. She refused point blank to go anywhere near the garden for about three weeks after I had put them down. LOL

Mind you she wasn't the only one who made a fuss, Mrs. Digs wasn't to pleased about it either!!!!
She made ME hang the washing out for about two weeks....
H & K's to all................Ian

24 May, 2009


Once again, your pics are great, I love them all!
Especially interesting is the Okapi, will have to read up on that later.
Also never heard of a "silly me" or a "Jeffreyus Cercophithecidae", seems like that zoo has a bit of everything!

25 May, 2009


Wonderful pics like many have toured several times to take it all in ..quite familiar with the silly me and often live under threat of becoming an endangered species.

26 May, 2009


:) Newfie & BB, glad you've enjoyed this. It's a little much to take in all at once. Come back and visit as often as you like, admission is free :))
On no, no, no BB we must save the Silly me(s). What a sorry bunch we'd be w/out the silly me(s) ;~))

26 May, 2009


Brilliant photos. Kids love the slide show. I found a great song to go with it..."We're going to the ZooZooZoo, how bout youyouyou..." I remember it best by Peter, Paul & Mary but that version was not on iTunes, so I got another one that sounds ok. Also, I have that humming bird song by George Winston that would be perfect for the bird slideshow. I'll put them on a CD for you. Happy photoing!

30 May, 2009


I did not get to see the giant Hibiscus Tracy...the last one that came through was the mama gorilla..not sure why..Loved what I did get to see..very good pic's..

16 Jun, 2009


Thanks for the cd Linda :)
Cat- Because this blog is so large it takes a good minute at least to fully bring up the whole blog. The hibiscus are towards the very end :)

16 Jun, 2009


It did not stop this time....the hibiscus are outrageous...WOW...loved it all...thanks Tracy.

16 Jun, 2009


Beautiful blog thanks for the tour yes a great photo like you said, and love the rest too great shots all of them.

15 Feb, 2010


Enjoyed looking through your photos, they're stunning. Thanks for sharing them with us.

2 Jan, 2011


Glad you enjoyed the trip Linsuffolk :)

2 Jan, 2011

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