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Planted Venice Mallow seeds


By TasteyG


I collected seeds from this plant at the end of June this year. I planted these venice mallow seeds yesterday. I’ve got them inside until they sprout, not sure how long it will take… I will transplant into 3 in pot afterwards and put them out side. Wish me luck :)

After two weeks!

Early starter
Today I noticed the Venice Mallow was starting to bud up :)
I can’t wait till they open!

Opening Soon… 081608


And it opens…

A little different the than the mother plant (1st photo in series), but still nice :)!
Seed pods 100108

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Good luck with these Tasteyg. The flower is very striking.

25 May, 2008


Good Luck ! -:)

25 May, 2008


About 3 days after I planted the seeds, I got a little sprout... I figured that it was some sort of weed from the soil, but then a couple of days later another one just like it popped up. So perhaps two have already sprouted! :) I read that they take about 2-3 weeks to germinate, so we'll see.

30 May, 2008


I've got 2 that have sprouted :)

6 Jun, 2008


I got 3 plants to grow. I gave one to my mom.

16 Aug, 2008

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