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Look what the snow's done to our olive trees


By Terry60


The branches of these poor very old olive trees were so heavily laden with snow that they snapped with the weight

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Oh my goodness Terry,what are you planning to do with them now can they be trimmed? or will they need to be taken out? what a shame...

21 Mar, 2012


Just what I was going to ask....I do hope that they recover

21 Mar, 2012


Oh. That's a pity.
How old are the trees ?

21 Mar, 2012


Oh dear, will you be able to save the ones that have split right down the trunks....

21 Mar, 2012


What a shame. I always feel its like an elephant dying when a tree is damaged in this way. Sounds silly but I think it is because they are both majestic things & have taken so long to get to their size. Ok so Im mad :-$

21 Mar, 2012


Poor trees. What devastation. I hate snow with a vengance. I hope they will survuve.

21 Mar, 2012


I must say I prefer your Olive Trees to Bilbobaggins Sculpture blog !
There is a wild beauty about them, the art of nature herself. Nice shapes.
Leave them where they are !

21 Mar, 2012


So sorry to see this Terry, I do hope they can survive after so many years?

21 Mar, 2012


What a shame Terry , have they all been damaged every single one , it's not just an odd branch it's the trunks split right down to the base , I wonder if it's a common winter occurrence in that area if they can recover to a certain extent , perhaps you will keep us up to date as to their progress ... I love Olives ....

21 Mar, 2012


such a sad sight. Will you be able to rescue any of the wood from trees that can't be saved, to create something so they don't go totally to waste?

21 Mar, 2012


Were they still producing Terry? Such a shame:-(

22 Mar, 2012


Looks like they've been hit by a hurricane, I didn't realise snow could cause this sort of damage. Poor old trees.

23 Mar, 2012


Hello everybody - I'm really sorry it's taken me so long to reply and thank you all for your comments but I have been away and was not able to get hold a computer.

I'm also sorry if I misled you all by saying "our" as they don't belong to me at all. In fact they have been abandoned and don't seem to belong to anybody anymore. They are never pruned and as a consequence are very brittle. I had a look in the field on my way home last night and saw that they are still exactly in the same sorry state, whereas all the other olive trees in nearby fields are trim and healthy looking ....

13 Apr, 2012

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