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Lets talk dirty :-)


Well…. good ole clean dirt anyway :-)) here is our very first big pile of homemade compost 2 years old a tonne at least! we had to pull our make shift compost container apart as we want to build another in a different part of the garden so it’s tucked out of the way. I never thought I’d get so excited over a great big pile of S****** lol well its a mixture of horse manure, chicken muck, veg peelings, grass cuttings and prunings.

My toms and cues are planted in it so they should have a good feast I hope. So are our 4 different potatoe varieties in our pods which you can just catch a glimpse of outside the greenhouse.

I’ve dug some into our new Lady Hamilton rose bushes in our front garden and will be incorporating it into the raised borders as needed.

Wonderful stuff!

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I love talking dirty, this is proper dirty. Lucky you with your own compost it looks... as good as S@~t can hehe

how clever to use little pots on your canes, never thought of that, the caps you can buy are pretty expensive I found so will now copy your idea

well done

x x x

18 May, 2009


lol, thanks Pookins ....Oooops sorry I meant Mookins :-)))
yes small plant pots, paper cups are a good alternative to shop bought cane toppers. I also use plastic bottle tops and polystyrene for crocks in my containers and use brown coffee lids as feet to keep my big pots off the ground. I like to recycle as much as possible.

18 May, 2009


heheh.. Pookins thats great, love it

I like to recycle too, but never can think of anything when I find something that I think would be useful... if that makes sense. my mums friend gave us some god awful dessert bowls... hideous... i use them for holding bird seed, and making my potting bench higher (hope she doesnt notice)

x x x

18 May, 2009


looks very nutricious,, plants are doing really well, :o)

18 May, 2009


Good clean muck, you cant beat it,I also recycle as much as possible but never occured to me to use coffee lids for that purpose,its a good idea so thanks for that tip.......

18 May, 2009


Great looking pile of muck, lol.

Thanks for the tips too. I'll be saving all my coffe jar lids from now on. :o)

18 May, 2009


Good ole compost! Where would we be without it? Yours looks wonderful! :-)

19 May, 2009


Thanks, now starting a new lot, even though thats a big pile, it wont last long in our garden, the spuds love it :-)

26 May, 2009


It soon goes, doesn't it!

26 May, 2009


Well done on your patience, it looks great stuff!!

29 May, 2009


You cant beat a bit o muck.........

2 Sep, 2009


No DD2, cant beat homemade compost, most of it has been used now and the rest will be chucked onto our raised beds in November for digging in.

3 Sep, 2009


I've run out - and I'm waiting for the next bin to be 'cooked'...Unfortunately, with the cool 'summer' we've had, it will be delayed! :-((

3 Sep, 2009


Never mind Spritzhenry, Ive started my next lot too, I bought an indoor compost caddy bin with biodegradeable liners from Morrisons (just like a little grey plastic bin with lid and handle) the veg peel goes straight into it whilst peeling, when the bin liner is full, I take it to the compost bin, apparently human urine breaks it down quickly so get peeing :-)))) (I got that tip from Bob Flowerdews organic gardening book)

3 Sep, 2009


How refreshing to have a photo of a pile of compost rather than beautiful flower comments. I was really surprised and tickled by how many members complimented your pile’s visual appearance. I then looked at the second photo and still wonder why you were keeping plant pots on top of your canes. Of course I realised straightaway it had nothing to do with the flower pot people – they would be mortified to see what you have done to these poor pots.

There are lots of members who are relatively new to gardening like me and have not yet got around to making their own compost. I am proud to announce that green waste no longer leaves my property. In the past I used grass cuttings, leaves, pruning and weeds for landscaping. I have this year started to collect kitchen waste but I don’t bother with caddy liners to keep my handies clean!

I thought I would do a search on GOY to see how much information there is on compost. Using just the word compost I got exactly 1000 hits. I changed the search to making compost and got 155 hits. I put inverted commas in the search: “making compost” and this reduced the number of hits to 10. I reviewed the 10 hits and only Gilli posted a compost heap photo. Of course as yours is British I must say your photo is far superior, it gives a real feel of the texture.

I particularly liked how proud you are of your compost achievement – I just hope I too can feel such satisfaction enhancing my garden and don’t muck it up.

8 Sep, 2009


Thanks very much GF for your great interest. Our second lot of compost is in progress. I recently bought an indoor compost caddy (a small plastic bin with handle and lid) I now peel my veg directly into the bin, when full just empty it into my compost bin. The plant pots on canes are for protecting the body, especially the eyes, when bending down to tend to the plants etc, its easy to catch yourself on the canes. I know have some recycled round yoghurt pots (I have all my family and friends save their plastic trays and pots from supermarket products). Happy recycling :-))

15 Sep, 2009

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