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Tree Lillies


I bought 9 Tree Lillie bulbs from QVC back in March and planted them as soon as I received them. They are now two foot tall. They are supposed to grow 4 foot this year, six next year and eight the year after!

I planted them 8" deep as instructed, they took about 3 weeks to surface. They are planted in a single row down one side of our greenhouse. I cant wait for them to bloom. I will do another update at that stage.

My husband Paul doesnt know what they are, I told him it’s a surprise, tee hee, he keeps inspecting them with curiousity and says I’m cruel for keeping him in suspense :-))

Is anyone else growing them? I’d be interested to know how others are getting on.

Happy Gardening x

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this will look great in full bloom your husband Paul will love it

29 May, 2009


I planted 3 in a pot in April, and they're only just showing I'm dead jealous of yours, lol ! Ordered some from Parkers too, which arrived this morning, so I'd best get a move on and plant them...:)

29 May, 2009


Thats looking really healthy I bet the colour will be stunning

29 May, 2009


Good things come to those who wait! Lol!! They look "bloomin' marvelous!"

29 May, 2009


Never heard of a tree lilly. Looks like it will be big and beautiful

29 May, 2009


It will be interesting to see how they grow . I look forward to your updates.

30 May, 2009


Thanks everyone, I will upload photos when they bloom. Regina, go to the web address below if you want to see what they are supposed to look like, the woman in the photo is not kneeling down she is standing up (this is what they said on QVC where I bought mind from at a special deal. I have all three colours, the 9 bulb option.;term=tree+lilly&gclid=CP-yzJz345oCFYuB3godMUWABg

30 May, 2009


I planted 3 Nymph Tree Lily bulbs in a large pot outside. They are now 30 inches tall and flower pods have recently appeared. I am looking forward to your progress report.

11 Jul, 2009


My Tree Lily's are about the same height as yours Gardeningfriend and also like you, the flower buds are present and about to burst open any time.

I havent been here for a while because of work and family. I will be doing a blog sometime this week with a complete update on my garden with photos.

Happy gardening.

12 Jul, 2009


we have a few lily trees - 2nd summer -1 was about 5'6"-they are beautiful - - we need information as to what to do with them - once the flowers are gone do we cut the stalk and by how much - someof the stalks (leaves) have turned brown already - shouldn't they stay green until cold weather - how do we get them ready for winter ?

5 Aug, 2009


This is only our first year with the tree lilys Laura, my flowers have just started to drop their petals, I still water them if dry. As far as I know, you just leave the lilly stems to brown out, they just die down naturally then grow back bigger each year. Treat them a bit like daffodils, once the stem and leaves have really past it, cut them down to ground level.

I havent been here for a few weeks and am just going to do a photo blog to do a quick catch up.

Happy gardening.

8 Aug, 2009


Thanks for the update. I checked out your blog too. Thank you. My tree lillies also grew to 36 inches, there are 4 flower pods on one plant, 4 on the next and 6 on the third. The flowers have still not opened. Now as yours have already flowered I am wondering if I need to invest in a sun lamp?

10 Aug, 2009


Dont worry if yours havent flowered yet, as long as the buds look healthy, it may be mine beat yours because Im in a different part of the country perhaps or the planting aspect mine get part sun and part dappled light.

10 Aug, 2009


Very interesting, did they flower well in the end?

2 Sep, 2009


Norfolk is south but not that much from me. I am probably at a higher altitude as well. I think the explanation might also be that mine were planted later than March. All but two pods on my tree lillies have opened and flowered now. One of the two unopened pods is starting to curl open today about half an inch. I think the other one needs a good talking to. They look nice and are just like ordinary lillies this first year and the scent is quite pleasant too. If it had not been for this blog I would have been a bit disappointed as I did not realise I was going to have to wait a couple more years till they get to their full height. Now I feel I have something extra to look forward to with them.

3 Sep, 2009


Im glad the blog helped GF. My tree lillies are still strong with stem and foliage, flowers have all died off now, they were beautiful while they lasted (3 weeks). Im just going to leave them to die back naturally and keep a cane in the ground marking where they are and hopefully next year they will be double the size.

3 Sep, 2009


l bought the tree lillies last year put 2 in tubs and 2 in garden, the garden ones have been no where near as prolific as the tubbed ones , this is their 2nd year, the garden ones are 1ft tall. and the others 6ft, the large one has 40 flowers on it, and made other growths carrying buds too.
l think the large ones hace concentrated feed,m wheras the garden ones the feed spreads out more, if that makes sense

7 Jul, 2010

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