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Veg plot and garden update


Below is a quick update of our veg beds and current garden antics.

Our Brussell sprout plants are nearing 5ft tall, Parsnips are looking lush on top, I hope they are forming nicely below, I will test one after the first frost.

Tomatoes are still ongoing and been a good crop this year. The cucumbers have been slow but steady and had some lovely juicy ones.

I harvested my garlic and that is hanging in the potting shed at the moment and I have sown some spring cabbage in its place. Chard has been fantastic and just keeps coming as do the courgettes and baby squash.

We are still tucking into our early nantes carrots and Ive just sown two more rows of autumn king. The onions didnt do too well, they are quite small but still edible.

Our Giant Russian Sunflowers have been providing finches with a lot of seed. Their heads are now bowing with tiredness. I adore sunflowers.

Im also growing a couple of Goji berry bushes, they flowered for the first time and my first berries are just starting to appear, Im curious about these and cant wait to taste.

Current ongoing projects are the decking outside our conservatory, and laying a hard base outside Pauls workshop with a Pegola walk through to give some height and additional interest, was thinking of growing hops up it when finished.

Others are, as always, jobs that most of us are doing I guess, preparing, tidying and pruning. Oh yes, we also have some new Brahma chicks.

Happy gardening :-).

Sprouts, Lettuce, Beans and Rosemary (+Nettles :-)

Female Brahma chicks

Im a learner with cues, a bit anemic looking but still tasty (dont think I fed them enough)

Ofcourse, being a chillie addict I still have loads on the go, these are Chillie Fuego

Russian Giant

Goji flower

Parsnips and Chard to the left

Baby Squash

Toms still on the go

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Well done to you, what an inspiration you are to Grow Your Own......please tell what you think of the Goji berries was on my list for next year, we grow in pots blueberries which have been very successful.
We grow grapes on our pergola, put in this year, already at the top!!

2 Sep, 2009


Well done Lynne , what a fantastic selection of veg ..

I bought a Goji berry bush this year but haven't had anything at all on it , maybe next year , will you protect yours this winter or do you think they will survive on their own ?
We had masses of blueberries ..good for the eyes !

2 Sep, 2009


well done
all looks delish

x x x

2 Sep, 2009


Agree well done.

2 Sep, 2009


It all looks great

2 Sep, 2009


all looking great lynne, bet its a busy time harvesting it all, goji berries are lovely and so good for you to,im sure you will like them, sprinkled on your cereals in the morning yummy :o)

2 Sep, 2009


Well done what is a russian giant ?

Amy Its been a good year for grapes we have loads

3 Sep, 2009


Its the sunflower Mushy , I have some like that ..Norfolk must be good for them ..LOL...

I had an ornimental grape growing over a wall , it use to have huge amounts of grapes on it but only the size of peas , A friend use to use them to make wine ....we had to take it out in the end as it was smothering everything around it !

3 Sep, 2009


Thanks everyone. Mushybanna if you like sunflowers and never tried Russian Giants, I recommend them, they live up to their name (though Ive never heard them whisper in Russian :-))) the head on the one in my photo above measures 16" wide! I always collect a few seed for following year and leave the rest to the finches.

Dottsydaisy I will do a Goji blog should anything worthwile emerge, its trial and error, this is the third year after planting mine out and its just started to come alive, the branches are very floppy and arch over so I will be building a cane frame round it. Amy, They originate from the Himalayas so I assume they are hardy for our winter. Mine are planted just outside the greenhouse and sheltered from wind but get full sun all day long. Blueberries are on my list too and we have a red grape vine growing up our gazebo (has red grapes this year too, even though small and sour, very ornamental and add a Romantic feel.

I will try Goji's on my breakfast Sandra :-) I know they are a super fruit, I hope Acai will be available to try in the future.

3 Sep, 2009

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