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By Treeman


Hi all.
We are in the process of choosing a new greenhouse and would really like to have a powder coated aluminium one. The cost of powder coated vs bare aluminium is almost as much as for the greenhouse itself. However, it is undeniable that the green powder coating does look beautiful.
My point is…does the forum have any experience of the robustness of the finish. Will the coating last the lifetime of the greenhouse, or will it crack and peel off after a couple of winters. Any info would be appreciated.

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I have'nt got a greenhouse but I guess there are no hardfast rules about the reliability of the special painted finishes you describe in your blog. It probably depends on the actual make of the product, how much it costs, the type of paint and materials that are used and where the greenhouse is located- for example if the greenhouse is exposed to continuous severe weather or salt spray near a coastal region, the special paint finish may not last for too long. Persumably there is a manufacturers warranty as well, and it is probably better to do some research about the durability of the paint and make enquiries from several manufacturers before you decide to make a purchase.It may be also be a case of 'buyer beware'.

3 Aug, 2008


My greenhouse is coated with green. I think it looks great and after three years of wind and rain it is showing absolutely no sign of wear. We are quite near the sea, so we get salty winds. I reckon the extra money was worth it for a pleasing appearance.

3 Aug, 2008


Well, what a time it's been. I decided to go with the green powder coating and was going to go for a Elite Maxi. I have put up a couple of for other people and think its a super greenhouse. However, the lovely lady at the place I use for greenhouses talked me into buying a Janssens as they are much more robust in windy locations. So a raid on the piggy bank and a Janssens it was. Very exciting.
However, after some delays after expected delivery date the carrier rang me to ask me if I had a fork-lift to unload the greenhouse from the lorry. Hmmm! The warning bells should have gone off at this point but I was naive in the beginning. So, after a few missed appointments, wasted time off work I finally pinned them down to a Saturday morning and a lovely chap arrived in his lorry bearing the precious greenhouse. Well what can I say...the glass is packed in upright crates the size of phone boxes weighing 1/2 tonne each. What a nightmare. We finally had to call for help from the neighbours and bodily manoevere the crates off the lorry on the wee pallet truck without them cartwheeling off.
After I had safetied the crates I contacted the folk who sold the greenhouse who said 'oh dear, we'll contact the importers' and that was the last thing offered there! I felt their customer service department was in overdrive!!NOT
Nevermind, the greenhouse has arrived. Very exciting!
I had a good search through the various packaging and eventually found a tiny booklet. The Instructions....
Unpacking the structure, there were a couple of scratches and dents in the frame. Email the greenhouse guessed it...'we'll pass it on...' A month on and the greenhouse is up, despite the inferior instruction booklet and looking good, apart from the damaged bits. A note from the greenhouse folk...the manufacturers will replace any defective parts..
Too little...Too late as I'm not taking the whole thing apart. Nothing offered as alternative, not so much as a packet of tomato seed or an apology from Janssens.
So a warning to others. I wouldn't recommend a Janssens as there is no customer support. The delivery was appauling, the instructions were inadequate and I get the feeling they just don't care.

6 Feb, 2009


I haven't heard of this company before - but send you sympathy. They don't sound very customer-friendly! At least you have your greenhouse ready for the busiest season. :-)

6 Feb, 2009

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