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Symmetry or Not?


to assist me in selecting a landscaper, i would really like some opinions as to whether i should use a symmetrical design across the front of the house or not. i have plenty of space for future front landscaping but if the front of the house is symmetrical, have i limited my options?

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Hi symmetrical -- do you mean straight lines? Curves allow for more positive energy flow on all sides of your home and especially in the front door. You could have scalloped edges that are more wavy, but use a pattern of plants and shrubs that repeat to pick up the symmetry of the home.

30 Apr, 2008


You might wish to give the garden a diiferent identity to the house and decide on areas that take you on a journey via curved pathways and sweeping dramatic borders. You do not have to repeat the symmetry to be found on the house architecture. The garden will still be an extension of the house even though the lines of the borders and pathways are not symmetrical.The garden may look very predictable if the area echoes the symmetry of the house.You could have several areas each with a different theme.

30 Apr, 2008


Hi Truebeginner you may by now be realising that gardening is very subjective. For every person that agrees with the symmetrical approach there will be others that dispute it.Personally very much agree with Grenvilles comments but if you into feng sheui and the flow of positive negative energy then your choice.What would you like? You going to be a keen gardener or would you prefer low maintenenance due to time constrictions.Before getting more landscapers in why not invite us here in UK to visit! House looks big enough to accomodate us all!

30 Apr, 2008


I agree with all the above. Personally, I like a symetrical garden (i.e. one side is a mirror image of the other). It is a 'safe' approach and is almost guaranteed to 'work', whereas a non-symetrical approach probably requires more thought as to balancing one side with the other so that you don't have all the colour on one side in any given season or all the height on one side and nothingon the other. My fav sort of garden design is a very formal layout (ie largely symetrical) but with informal planting scheme. SO, you might have a symetrical layout of, say, a central path with a symetrical layout of evergreens on either side with maybe some other sort of hard landscaping and filling in the 'gaps' with a wild n woolly arrangement of perrenials and annuals etc. But, as Bonkers said, it is all very subjective!! Good luck!

1 May, 2008

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