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Gardening and global warming


Because I love my grandchildren, how I am cutting down on emissions, we are feeling the effects of global warming, and it’s affecting our gardens, I quit wailing, – it’s time to act.

Solar hot water system. on last house and on this
changed to low energy light bulbs
don’t leave tv on standby
growing all my own veg and fruit/ saves on transport emissions
buy local produce,shop at a shop/market that buys local produce, saves on transport,emissions
don’t buy veg flown in from abroad, this takes precious water that they may need,cuts transport/emissions.
dry washing outside or on radiaters don’t tumble
wood floors sweep don’t hoover.
have given up my car and go by bus or in friends car,more fun and get time to chat
have not flown on holidays abroad.
Considering small wind turbine, designs now cheaper and better
To check your emissions
Link to emissions calculator

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The WWF have a footprint calculator at that gives you a score and then suggests ways to bring that down. You can sign up and keep revisiting the site to see how you are doing.

30 Jun, 2007


Thanks Ajay, that's useful to get the suggestions for improving too.

1 Jul, 2007

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