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Wildflowers are in decline.


Have you got space at the edges of your garden or in borders for some wild flowers? I have some wild mallow seed, see a picture further down the questions thread, and some wild foxglove seed too. If anyone would like some let me know, they seed from cream to mauve to deep purple, the bumblebees will thank you , and visit your garden over a long period , particuarly important now there is a problem with whole hives of honey bees dying off. We need pollinators. Both of these seed easily, so place them with care.
Driving home today I saw another mallow at the top of our lane, bright pink with deep veining, it was on a small triangular island that they cut frequently, might try to get a little seed from that one before the mower gets it, garden organic are getting a library of wild flower seeds together as well as the heritage seed library, as many wild flowers are in decline.
I believe I may also have wild iris Iris sibirica, in the garden, it’s finnished flowering now but it looks very like this one,,%20Siberian.htm
it’s smaller than the usual cultivated ones
Having looked up mallow on the web I think the pale one I have is musk mallow and the deeper one I saw is common mallow

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Hello Tussie, I would love some wild mallow (foxgloves sem to thrive here). Unfortunately, I have never been able to find the private comments tab at all, it does not show up anywhere I have looked. How do I give you my address?

11 Jul, 2007


Hi David, have sent a private message to you, click on any profile and it is next to the name.

11 Jul, 2007


Thanx, Tussie! Found it and will do as required. I was reading just yesterday Organic gardening Magazine, which is listing crops to sow in july to extend the growing season. Was going to give you the web address but looked at it first, and it does not give the whole article (it wants you to subscribe first). However, I think your blog list covers most things other than salad greens I I have a packet of corn salad still to sow. We did several stir fry stuff this year such as pak choi and mizuna, which we look forward to! Anyway, will get the envelope to you soon, thank you - david.

11 Jul, 2007


i bought that magazine yesterday -( grins)

11 Jul, 2007


Earlier this year I dug a large bed at the end of my garden and sowed wildflower mixes into it but I am aware of the lack of native varities in these mixed wildflower packs. I think saving seed from wildflowers you find nearby is a fantastic idea - have you got tips on how to do it?

13 Jul, 2007


Hi Joey,not sure but I think saving seed from the wild is not allowed but these are in my garden which was allowed to go wild for many many years before we took over.
See my next blog, the Henry Doubleday Research Association (Garden Organic) gives access to those heritage and wild seeds that they have a good stock of, to members.
I have wild foxglove, purple toadflax, and musk mallow in my garden and you are welcome to some seeds of those. Also not sure but I think the iris in the garde is a wild one, it's smaller than the usual cultivated ones with beautiful throat markings.

13 Jul, 2007

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