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Slimy Customers are Still Sniggering.


I read somewhere that a good natural slug repellant could be made by soaking rhubarb leaves in water, and watering round vulnerable plants with the liquid. So next to my comfrey leaves I started a bucket with fresh rhubarb leaves in water. Next morning, I filled a watering can with rainwater from the water butt and cast an eye over the rhubarb bucket, there large as life, consuming the stems were two enormous slugs and a fat juicy snail. I have a feeling this idea is a non-starter!

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I am so interested in this use for rhubarb leaves that I shall investigate also. perhaps your first attempt was a failure due to some other mitigating factor? Will research, practise, and let you know.

15 Jul, 2007


Hi David, I am going to persevere, it was the bit of stem they were eating, and the leaves hadn't rotted down yet, I thought it was quite funny! Will be interested to hear your results.

15 Jul, 2007


Hi, I have been careful to put just leaves in a bucket and treat like comfrey or nettles, and will be happy to wait a few weeks. Will let you know, and, also, will get that sa.e. to you this week.

17 Jul, 2007


While trawling through some of the older blogs I came across this one and wondered how the project progressed. Did you come to any conclusions, Tussie and David ?

30 Aug, 2008


Hi Xela! yes, I did try it, but made a better effort this year. In my own case, not sure if it worked or not. I've always had hostas in the ground, and they've never been touched, ever, by a slug or snail, so I avoided using the rhubarb leave mix on them. I kept it for my veggies, and it seems to have helped them. BUT - just yesterday - I found a snail 5ft up my runner beans, whilst harvesting the last of them (!!**??) :-o

30 Aug, 2008


We have had a very wet wet wet summer, and we had some slugs but not as many as last summer.

30 Aug, 2008


Sorry to hear of your very wet summer, Tussie, but glad you've had less of the slugs!

30 Aug, 2008


Many thanks, Tussie and David, for your replies.
I haven't had much luck in growing Rhubarb, it doesn't seem to like the spot I chose for it. However, I shall not be giving up, I shall try again next year and would like to give your rhubarb leaf mix a go when I have a plant mature enough to pull.

1 Sep, 2008


Yes it has been so wet that the outdoor tomatoes which were growing beautifully laden with fruits have succombed to blight, for the second year. I may give them a miss in the garden next year and just use the greenhouse, perhaps try tomatillo's and cape gooseberries again as substitutes.The rhubarb looks good though, am letting the crowns build this year and will force early for next year

1 Sep, 2008


Dont know about the slugs but rhubarb boiled and cooled makes your hair shine good

13 Mar, 2009


Loribiscuit lol - so glad you waited for it to cool!

6 Dec, 2009

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