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The strawberries, raspberries, loganberries, black/redcurrants have finnished cropping, and we have enjoyed them with cream,yoghurt, in trifles, mousses and smoothies. The freezer is groaning with fruit sorbets, real fruit icecream, and frozen berries when I couldn’t spare the time. Tomatoes and cucumbers still cropping in the greenhouse, and in the garden as well. Spring onions radish and salad leaves also being harvested also peas, cabbage, carrots and runner beans, have been picking those for a couple of weeks.The broad beans cropped well for a few weeks, then succombed to rust so I pulled up the lot, the pods were ok though. Sweetcorn, french beans, aubergines, cape gooseberries, leeks and peppers all coming along nicely. The globe artichokes I grew from seed are growing rapidly, though the seakale also from seed looks puny and slow. The cultivated blackberries, look fine and the first few are turning black.
My point of lay blue haze hens have been laying now for just over a month, the eggs are getting a good size with an unexpected bonus of lots of double yolks…they seem happy and most days I get 6 lovely brown eggs from 6 hens, occasionally 5. The ducks though have not laid one egg yet! Despite being threatened with Paxo, they just wag their tails at me and are so cute and charming I relent and wait patiently!
I’m pegging strawberry runners in pots to plant in towers for early ones in the greenhouse. My new little polytunnel 6ft4in
x4ft has been erected and compost added to the soil, am wondering what late crop to put in it. Potatoes have flowered, but I shall leave them a bit longer before harvesting. Phew,
had a lot of visitors this week so haven’t got around to the summer planting yet as planned.

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Sounds great to have all those fruits, my mouth is watering :o) Yesterday it looked like we may have enough beans for another meal but everything else is a while away yet.

19 Jul, 2007


Cane fruit don't take up too much room Peter, will grow along a fence, as long as the roots are a bit away from the fence so they get enough moisture. The tayberries did best, mine have thorns, but they have a thornless variety now.

19 Jul, 2007

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