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When life hands you lemons you make lemonade


By Wolf


Well ok mabey not lemonade so much as lemon cordial. lol

Today I spent the day working on part of the yard I want to convert for a special project I’ve had in mind since we moved here. I want to build the cat run that will be the envy of every cat in the neighborhood so that my cat can enjoy the outdoors again. I was working near an old lemon tree which I have named Old Yella and have since decided that it is one of my favorite plants in the backyard. As I weeded under and around Old Yella’s trunk the beautiful smell made me remember the homemade lemon cordial we used to make as kids. The longer I worked in that part of the yard the more the smell got to me, so since it needs a good prune and is over burdened with lemons I’ve dug up the box with all the less important cookbooks [the ones we hadn’t unpacked because they are generally considered unhealthy] in it so that I can make lemon cordial. My partner is going to kill me at this rate since I’ve managed to unpack half our library which we had left boxed up since we have been renovating since we moved to this house from the Ballarat one. But it will be worth it! :)

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Great story. That sounds like a fabulous idea too. I've never had lemon cordial, but I like making things from old recipes that I remember from my G'mother. Serve a glass of your homemade cordial and I bet you are forgiven completely!

30 Jul, 2008


Sounds great, love reading your blog Wolf. Is that a Eureka lemon tree? They have lovely lemons. I had one like that on the farm in my garden. Only trouble: lots of spikes. So be careful when you pick them. I used to squeeze the juice and freeze them in little plastic containers. You could also do it in ice cube trays. Then when you need lemon juice all you do is thew out this cube. Then I made lemon squash too. Sounds like life's been good to you giving you those lemons. And if your partner is going to kill you, you can always hide in the cat ren, can't you?

30 Jul, 2008


Thanks guys. I'm sure some homemade lemon cordial mixed with a some vodka will make everything better. :)

I don't think it's a Eureka lemon tree Marguerite, it doesn't have any spikes. I tested one on our tea tonight and it tastes good.

When I was still living with my folks we used to cut the lemons into thin slices and freeze them in water [in ice-cube trays] it was a refreshing addition to your drink in summer.

30 Jul, 2008


That's a good idea too. ( Also the vodka bit, lol ). No, you don't have a Eureka, if you don't have spikes. Lucky you. We eat a lot of fish here and always use lemons. I have lemon and lime trees in the garden and lots of paw paws from two pawpaw trees. The lime juice goes well with those. Funny how the citrus always has fruit in winter, wonder why? Have your lemons also got a thick peel? Mine on the farm did, as it was in a colder region. They seem to do that to protect themselves, like putting on a winter coat.

30 Jul, 2008


We like to eat fish as often as possible, especially if we can get it fresh caught. So a lemon tree at this house is a big plus.

Lime too? Wow you are lucky, I haven't got a lime tree yet although it's definitely on my to get list.

Yes they do actually have thick peel I had just thought that it was from being neglected by the previous owners but you are probably right. It's amazing the way nature adapts.

30 Jul, 2008


I think so too. This is quite normal. I also have a kumquot which just looks pretty and I do nothing with its fruit. Have posted pics of that one and the grapefruit tree too. That is a red grapefruit variety and I have just purchased a juicer, as we have so many grapefruits now. Passion vine is another asset to the garden, as it creeps along the back fence, hiding the metal netting a bit. This is a yellow variety and was delicious according to my hubby. I don't eat those. But they smelled lovely too. So yes, we were lucky to land onto those fruit trees.

30 Jul, 2008


Our new neighbor has a kumquat too because they like the look of the tree. So we are going to score free kumquat's when their tree is fruiting, in exchange they would like fruit off our nectarine tree [apparently the fruit on this tree is fantastic and prolific since it's a really old tree] which was fantastic news because we weren't sure what sort of fruit tree it was and we don't mind sharing if the tree is such a good fruiter.

30 Jul, 2008

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