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Reclamation Project


By Xela


At my last house I used the greenhouse to grow tomatoes, cucumbers, bedding plants and propagate perennials. I was delighted that Vistabile came with a greenhouse too and hoped to continue to use it in the same way. However, there were several drawbacks.

A tall conifer hedge blocked much of the light from the south, so that had to be removed. That became an extended project due to work and family commitments but eventually it was achieved

The space between the greenhouse and the garage is home to an established apple tree. I don’t know which arrived first, the extended garage or the tree, but they are too close together and the tree has grown away from the wall and towards the greenhouse. The branches which had grown over the greenhouse had to be pruned back to stop ripe fruit dropping onto the glass and breaking it.
Stormy winds have compounded the damage started by the falling apples to the point where there are as many broken panes as complete ones. The situation was very depressing, I wanted to stop the rot and turn things round. This project has been in mind for quite some time, during which I did some research and decided to replace the broken glazing with polycarbonate sheets. I am hoping it really will help to insulate the greenhouse and provide adequate shading for plants.

So when asked what I would like for my birthday I was able to reply ‘some UPVC glazing sheets please’. This caused a good deal of mirth, and on my birthday the order was placed. The pack arrived in the middle of last week, a bit late for the Spring sowing frenzy but I had very little say in when I was born .

We waited until the weather improved at the weekend before starting the project.I cleared most of the greenhouse to give access to the panels that needed attention. Then I removed the broken glass and washed down the remaining panels and framework with a Jeyes fluid solution.

Paul gave me a hand to reposition some of the glass panels and to fit UPVC panels in the roof. We found the new panels varied, they had been cut approximately to size, so this wasn’t as straight forward as we had hoped it would be.

Our work was interrupted by a downpour. There hasn’t been a let up in the weather since, there has been no more progress, but the forecast is improving so we hope to have this project completed soon. The greenhouse is looking better, I can’t wait to start using it properly again.

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hope the weather improves for you soon Xela and you get to start using your greenhouse.

4 Jun, 2008


What sad pictures! A great idea for a birthday pressy. Please show us the finished product - I am sure you can't wait. I don't know what I'd do without my greenhouse. They extend gardening so much, don't they.

4 Jun, 2008


Even though the greenhouse was in such bad shape you were so fortunate to have it sitting there waiting for help Xela. I have never done much with starting plants from seeds but since joining GOY I have seen so many of the mebers greenhouses and what they grow in them that I've started thinking about having one. I'm sure that Sritz is very right in saying that they extend the gardening. By looking at all the phots in here I was inspired to try my hand at starting a few things from seed and they have done very well but the problem is that I had to hunt around for spots to place seed pots around the inside of my house. I wasn't easy finding space as I already have too many houseplants. So a greenhouse would be a good thing. I have to start looking around. I've even thought of building my own using old windows from a salvage yard.

5 Jun, 2008


I built a " greenhouse " many years ago from sheets of perspex and some wooden posts . It is still standing in my old garden. I couldn't have done without it. I bought one aswell but never got to put it up so I've brought it with me to this house and can't wait to put it up.
You'll enjoy the greenhouse Xela and every success to you with what you grow in it.

5 Jun, 2008


Hope your weathers improved now Xela and you can finish your project I dont think I could be without my greenhouse I just love it

5 Jun, 2008


Like you, Mike, I have been short of space, over-wintering pelargoniums and the like on the lobby and utility room window-sills and Spring sowings on other sills around the house but space is definitely at a premium especially when they are ready for pricking out. I am SOoooo looking forward to using the greenhouse again :-)

5 Jun, 2008

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