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Shock horror !


By Xela


Yesterday I added two floating plants to my pond with the intention of improving the quality of the water ( so far this year it has resembled pea soup) by increasing the plant surface cover. The new plants are water hyacinth and water lettuce. The chap at the garden centre had reinforced what the labels said, it wouldn’t take either long to establish and provide the cover needed.
This morning I researched both on the internet before adding them to my Garden plant list here on GoY. To my horror I find they are non-native invaders which are escaping from gardens to create havoc in waterways etc across the country ( I think the source of the information is sound and that I am not over -reacting …. take a look yourself, I shall be interested in others’ views)!
I am feeling doubly guilty because I shared the purchases with my Mother.
When our plants need splitting the excess will be going in the compost – bin !

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Hi Xela dont despair a lot worse things you could have in your pond.Think those in US call water hyacinth beautiful nuisance as left unchecked it will block waterways - but easy enough to control in a pond.My understanding is that water lettuce not hardy and would need to be over - wintered above frost temps.Neither likely to become a major pest.Hornwort is an excellent oxygenator as is water milfoil, goldfish weed also good but best in pots as can be invasive.Our pond less than 2 months old and pea soup now gone can see to bottom- no chemicals used .

6 Jul, 2008


Hi Xela... Water Hyacinth and Water lettuce are both on the invasive plant list here in the USA. I have them both in my pond and in my tub water feature. As Bonkers mentioned they are both not hardy and they would bite the dust here during the winter if left in the pond. I have them each year and at the end of the season I dig a hole and burry them in my garden. In the meantime I enjoy them all summer. The water hyacinth blooms are great. Do you do partial water changes in your pond periodically ? I find them to be very beneficial.

7 Jul, 2008


Since posting this blog the gardens have had very little of my attention. I have spent a good deal of time this month with my Mother by my Father's bedside. He has been very ill and finally lost his fight for life last Tuesday. Since returning home I have distracted myself by attempting to lose myself in what I have missed here on GoY.
The shock of invasive water plants being sold by garden centres has paled into insignificance for the present, and as yet I haven't even considered discussing it with my Mother.
My Father was 88 so has had a good innings. Alzheimers has gradually taken much of him from us over the last few years, a process which has caused a great deal of anguish for him and for us. I am very glad he is now at peace although the reality of what has happened has not yet sunk in.

20 Jul, 2008


Xela, I am so sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you and your mother.

20 Jul, 2008


Such a debilitating illness many people grieve the loss of their loved ones long before the physical loss occurs.the only comfort to take Xela is that none of us would wish to suffer this illness and bereavement spares the sufferer further distress. Thoughts are with you at this time.

20 Jul, 2008


Many thanks Peter and Ray, your kind words are much appreciated. In fact renal failure was given as the cause of my Father's death, the infection had spread throughout his body via the blood stream. I cannot praise highly enough the care given by the staff of the Renal Ward, the Churchill Hospital, Oxford. Thanks to them his life ended without pain, very peacefully and with dignity.

20 Jul, 2008

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