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Seasonal Shopping Spree


By Xela


Isn’t it fun, buying bulbs for the Spring. But do you find yourself doubling or trebling up on some of the bulbs you buy at this time of the year and missing some on your Wish List too?

This year I was determined to overcome the memory fade syndrome and be more economical in my purchases so I have compiled a Spring Bulb Plan on a spreadsheet. It cross references all the areas of the garden where I grow bulbs, including the indoor and outdoor pots and containers, and all the plants that I grow or have on my Wish List. It also features the light levels preferred by each and that available in each growing area. I have entered the existing stock and indicated what I would like to add this year.

From this I have compiled a Shopping List….. if only I had the £sd ;-)

It had to be ‘edited’, so the ‘top ups’ and replacements took priority:
prepared Hyacinths 3 × 3 varieties [one each for my Mum, Paul and myself]
miniature Narcissi [in bowls 1st year, thereafter to garden]
dwarf Tulips [ditto]
Triumph Tulips mixed
Chinodoxa [back lawn edge]
Crocus mixed [ditto]
Crocus white [for Samantha’s bed]
Fritilleria Meleagris
Fritillaria Imperialis red
Iris Reticulata [hanging basket 1st year, thereafter garden]
Iris Danfordiae [ditto]
These were easily and cheaply sourced locally at such places as Wilkinsons, Woolworths and DIY centres, except iris danfordiae which were only available in mixed packs. I was surprised by the limited range of bulbs being sold by these outlets this year. I hope the dismal summer weather isn’t responsible, the range could be even smaller next year.

Wyevale Garden Centre had these in stock which are new additions to the gardens:
Eranthis Cilicicia
Leucojum Aestivum [white for Samantha’s bed …. I hope the deer don’t eat these!]

So left on my Wish List for another year are:
Amaryllis pink & white
Fritillaria Michaillovskyi
Fritilleria Persica
Muscari white

Although all the bulbs I have bought have been in the dreaded plastic packs I am satisfied, at least I can see what I am getting. This isn’t so easy to gauge by internet or mail order.

Over the next few weeks I shall indulge to my heart’s content in getting my hands dirty and planting all my new babies.I think I have enough bulb fibre, charcoal, compost and gravel.

Then in the New Year I shall wait with baited breath to see how they fare. Once my chart is updated I shall also have a record of where they are :-D

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My goodness - you are SOOOO organised, Xela! I wish I were like you, but I'm not - at least with bulbs.

20 Sep, 2008


I'm looking forward to seeing photos of all these. I hope you're going to let us see them. It sounds like you're going to have a colourful spring. Something to look forward to.

20 Sep, 2008


Dont lose youre spreadsheet. Do find your camera in the new year though.

20 Sep, 2008


You are being far too modest I am sure, Barbara, and if I were well organised I wouldn't need the spreadsheet.

My garden is at its best in the Spring, Hywe. Once the bulbs are in the ground they do not have to rely on my care and do far better than most other types of plant. That is why I would like to have some more summer flowering bulbs .... I feel another Bulb Shopping Spree coming on in the Spring. Lol

The spreadsheet is safely filed away in the Gardening folder on my laptop, I ought to back it up because my laptop is being temperamental. My camera lives in my handbag but I haven't used it much recently because the mains adapter has come adrift from the lead and is missing at the moment. It is Soooo frustrating!

21 Sep, 2008

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