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Cooler weather!


It’s been just wonderful the past few days having some much cooler weather. Almost feels like fall is in the air – which is my favorite time of year. Love when it’s cool enough that you just need a sweatshirt to work outside comfortably.
Got a few photos of our tomatoes and some flowers yesterday after the sun came out. We got .4" of rain on Tuesday-Wednesday, and that was a real gift. Hopefully, more will come our way.
I haven’t seen any smoke lately, so am hoping they’ve gotten those latest fires under control. The weather’s been just crazy here in the states, like everywhere around the world. Some parts of the country are drying up and blowing away, and others are being drowned in rain. Oh well, life just isn’t perfect. They’ve warned that food prices will be going way up by fall. We’re trying to stock up on canned vegetables, etc, before that happens. I’ll just have to go back to baking all our bread and making everything from scratch the way I used to. Hopefully, I can get those vegetables started in our sunroom.
I’m so happy that I joined this wonderful group! Love hearing your comments and seeing all the beautiful photos. Have really enjoyed receiving and replying to personal notes.
I just remember to bring my grapefruit plant in tonight, as I don’t want to take a chance on it being damaged by cooler temps.
Well, gotta run – we’re headed for Cheyenne this morning, and I’ve spent the last hour or so getting rid of a lot of short-cuts that were taking up space on the desktop of my computer. If only clearing out the house would go as quickly!!!!! ha ha
Take care out there!
Much love,

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We are warned about food prices and shortages here as well, after the cold wet summer we have had, and low light levels as they say, so many of our home grown crops have failed as well. The best spell of weather has been the last few weeks, so we try to hang on to the last days of summer.

14 Sep, 2012


But its been breezy here although we're in the Midlands and the tail end of the tropical storm from the States vwas due over the top of you say weird weather!

We,re trying to grow lemons in pots, got some to set now that the leaves have stopped dropping but the'll have to go inside soon I think it was 5c the other night.....

14 Sep, 2012


It feels so strange reading how you are welcoming the cooler weather - where I live we are still waiting for some nice hot days - probably too late now.

14 Sep, 2012


I'm pleased to hear of your cooler weather. It must be much more comfortable for you now, and better growing conditions for the plants too ... I hate extremes of temperature - so uncomfortable and depressing.
Nice that you've got a Grapefruit plant. Do you get any fruits on it ? I used to have one once. It never had fruits though ... probably because our climate didn't suit it. I grew it from a pip :o)

15 Sep, 2012


Isn't it something that though we're all having different weather problems - either way too hot and dry, or too wet, cool and cloudy - it's having the same effect on our plants and crops. I noticed that the comment from 'Steragram' says they're still waiting for nice hot!
Not sure if I'll ever have grapefruit growing on my plant - but it will be exciting if it happens. Citrus fruits are mainly grown in areas like Florida, Texas and California, but I'll just baby my little plant along, keeping it in our sunroom in the fall and winter, and we'll see what happens!
Good luck with those lemon trees. Will look forward to hearing if they bear fruit. :)

15 Sep, 2012

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