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    18 Jun, 2008

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    My Name is Jackie Townsend. I live in the S/E of England not to far from London, a place called Leigh-on-Sea, Essex. My Back Garden is approx...

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    23 Nov, 2014

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    A cottage gardener. Never underestimate the power of a plant! Midatlantic east coast , zone 6

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    2 Nov, 2009

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    Likes are unusual shrubs, bamboos, Australasian stuff, proteas (when they survive), unusual and beautiful conifers and interesting spiky things....

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    18 Apr, 2012

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  • Gardening with friends since
    14 May, 2014

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    In Hayward Ca. "The Heart of San Francisco bay". The city slogan.
    I grow tropical's,exotics and push our mild maritime med 10a...

  • Gardening with friends since
    12 Feb, 2009

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    Botany, especially of our British natives and gardening is a passion. Graduated in Botany and Zoology back in the late 70's and got my first...

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    13 May, 2014

    2750 photos
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    I am a retired married female. We have lived in the same suburban property in Hampshire UK for the last 39 years. I garden in a small plot, no...

  • Gardening with friends since
    25 Feb, 2011

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    115 blog entries

    I live about four miles from the coast in West Wales. The climate is normally mild but can be very windy and when it rains it really does! The...

  • Gardening with friends since
    29 Oct, 2013

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    I am a Dutch native but have lived here in the UK for over 34 years. My interest in gardening started when my father passed away 17 years ago...

  • Gardening with friends since
    22 Oct, 2008

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    My life revolves around my family ,pets and my garden,since retiring I spend most of my free time on my favourite pastime pure bliss.