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Thank you Angela - I think maybe you have already started a trend! It would certainly be interesting to see the different areas where we all live. Many of the streets in our town are tree-lined, and look even better when there are grass verges too ๐Ÿ™‚.

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It is a beautiful tree Ian ,but I can see how close it is to your driveway and house. Any bigger tree will be a problem. If you want evergreen, I would suggest some of the DWARF weeping conifers . They look interesting all year around. Golden dwarf Hinoki cypress would look lovely there .
Anything dwarf and conical but I would stay with the dwarf varieties.
Smaller rhododendrons or Camellia trees are evergreen too and not excessively big an will give you beautiful blooms in early spring.
Choisya โ€˜Sundanceโ€™ is an excellent evergreen shrub that blooms in early spring and is showy all year round.

There are few choices, all depends on your preferences.

I would stay away from pampas. It can get huge and messy and being so close to your driveway even dangerous.


Lovely contrast.


They have gentle faces.

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A little beauty!

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You live in a very attractive street, Sheila, and the countryside walks nearby must be a tonic. The church across the field looks very "English Landscape", perhaps you could paint that as well as the glassy pond. I think, in periods like now when we are thrown back on ourselves, it does us good to create and enjoy beauty in our own gardens and recognise it in the traditionally beautiful sights (and sites) around us. Thank you for posting. Perhaps we could start a trend on here. It's fascinating to see the differences in the ares we all live in.

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Thank you. Yes, the pond is a popular destination Julia, for fishermen particularly. I saw a kingfisher here last year and a heron this summer. Maybe I will attempt a painting . . .

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Acer Osakuzuki is very dramatic and changes its leaf colour through the seasons.


I agree with Eileen - but she missed out the letter 'g' (i.e. ceratostigma :). I used to have one - it's fully hardy Paul, perennial, not invasive. Can be cut right back in the Spring and it will thank you.


How lovely to have a local pond to walk many people visit it,Sheila?Beautiful trees too...the last photo is just the setting suitable for a water colour.

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Thanks Eileen. It is very intense blue. Is it perannial, invasive? Would you have this in your garden?


it is a ceratostima . common name plumbago. there are several different species and many varities. it is one of the most intense blues.


Such a lovely countryside, Hywel. Thank you for showing us around.


Thank you Amy. Seems like you grow lots of produce. Good for you. Nothing tastes better than home grown.

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My favourite season is Spring ... :o)



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I have two Heathers thriving in a South facing gravelled bed which is over tough Sussex clay. That contradicts just about all the conditions required! No idea how they keep going ... :o)

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Hywel, I loved walking around your locality and really enjoyed the beautiful views of the Welsh countryside.

Seeing that signal box stirred a memory of when I was aged 9 or 10 and going to tea with a friend whose Dad was the signalman in our village. We were allowed to go in and even helped him to pull one of the sturdy levers! Good grief, that would be so against 'Health and Safety' rules these days!

The signal box and the small cottage that went with it are long gone . . . :o(


Reminds me of an old model train set I used to have. Agree, a walk does one much good, except in me on my bicycle.


My daughter has a monster one climbing up the wall in Buckinghamshire which had loads of flowers.


Flagged at 14.15 today.

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We are lucky to be able to walk in areas like that as well. Offa's Dyke is about a mile away and we can walk along it on the way marked paths.
Agree though, that on these walks people are often very willing to say Hello and even pass the time of day. from a distance these trying times.


What a beautiful area, and it looks so peaceful too. Good thinking ... I also try to go out for a walk every day and will take my camera next time the sun shines.
Lovely photos Hywel, thank you ๐Ÿ™‚


They look lovely Kate but I always thought they needed dry conditions.
Is Karen still on here then ?

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What a lovely place you live in Hywel! Having all this on your doorstep must be uplifting and as you say, it does you good getting out and seeing people.
Take care and keep safe ! x


If we were millionaires, My OH would love to own a signal box like that one! Every time we see one he comes over all nostalgic (both GP's worked on the railways in the middle decades of the century).
I like the views you have nearby, Hywel. A pleasant contrast of hills and river valleys. Lucky you. I have to say, not much smiling going on round near me - nobody about....


lol trust me to get it wrong :D
I still don't like it though, it looks dead to me.


We have stopped many times in Humber park on our travels to stretch our legs Kate but have never seen it looking as glorious as this , a fabulous photo :o)


Thanks Kate. They are tiny little bells. I've a second microphylla in the back garden against the East facing fence (only gets morning sun) which is about 3 ft high and flowers just as well.


I'm so envious of your garden Klahanie it's stunning so much vibrant colour and the views are fantastic you can't help feeling cheered up by your spectacular photos ,I love the Autumn to I feel like a squirrel preparing for the winter collecting and putting away produce for the coming months ... Keep safe ..

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One of my favourites I'm collecting seed from it at the moment ...


Nice one Andrew ... My Saffron are slow to get going since we moved and replanted them ..


You have some beautiful views in your area Hywel. Thanks for sharing.


What a lovely village walk Hywel I would walk those riverside walks everyday very pretty , Keep it up it will help you to keep mobile x


What an interesting,varied walk,Hywel.which river is that?
..People are smiling and saying 'Good morning ' much more ,aren't they.It does perk you up.


Yes,I do agree, Hywel...much better than a straight line,harder to cut,though.

Thank you to the 2 Ks too...
Klahanie,Ray cuts them once a year around this time,when we are fairly sure there are no active bird nests. Behind are peoples' gardens which slope down towards the trees.


That's a kind comment Bathgate...thank you.
The party,Hywel, is for the mother to be and her friends, not children.
I can remember, Ang and Kate,buying baby clothes in the usual pinks or blues...going back many,many years.!!


Thanks, I hope you can find one :)


Using Firefox for my GOY perusing-ha.
Nice find..has a Royal palm bulkiness to it. They've done a great job of fertilizing it,the color is outstanding.
Andy..19 days into Oct and we are averaging 82f..that's far above the 73f of usual. Warmer nights..61vs 54 too.
The long range might end with us at 80f...that's warmer than any summer month.


Nice..I 'm going to have to look that one up.


These are expensive plants...but nothing really looks like them. UC Berkeley botanical garden has them in their South African garden..stand out.


I'll send this out for good karma...Congratulations and best wishes for mother to be whoever you are for a bright & healthy baby. Stay well and safe.


ditto - Electric Blue!


Do you have access to food grade 3% hydrogen peroxide? I live in the States. You can mix up a bucket of water with a couple cups of hydrogen peroxide. Pour it out around the base of your laurel bush & let it soak into the ground. It won't harm your laurel bush, but it will destroy any dormant eggs and nasties living in the soil around the bush. HP has a very short 'life' and breaks down into oxygen & water - both of which are beneficial to your laurel bush anyway.


Thank you Kate for commenting on this blog.
Your birthday is coming, best wishes and virtual hugs from me in advance. XXX

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Who ever did trimming did an excellent job.
Your planting underneath looks colourful and complimentary to the background.
How often do you have to trim it Medowland? And I also wonder what is behind it :-)


Sorry to disagree but it looks rather anaemic to me, and it has a cold feeling. It would look more cheerful if it had some colour, especially for little children.


A beautiful tree, Klahanie. Another fine specimen you have! Love the colour and leaf shape as mentioned by some others. Very interesting and informative blog.

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Fabulous garden and beautiful collection of acers, Klahanie!
Agree with Paul, your photos are like picturesque postcards.
The wildlife you have visiting your garden are just striking! Bird envy indeed! ๐Ÿ˜Š
Your grape vine and fruit trees are a real treat, really healthy produce. Your blog, while reading it, really evoked autumn to a tee! I do love this season for the colours and the cosy evenings..Iโ€™m a November child, so Iโ€™m drawn to the season. Love Halloween and Guy Fawkes night...
Thank you for sharing all your lovely pics!

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