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Thank you very much Cal … its shade is very useful right now!

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Thanks Sandra. They’re certainly not lasting as long as usual because of this pesky drought!


that will be a lovely addition to an oriental garden.

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Your garden looks beautiful Sheila, and I love your bus shelter, well done hubby.

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They’re lovely aren’t they Julia, and quite long-flowering.


I find it the same when I take photo's Sheila, but you have a beautiful display..I seem to have noticed they were a longer time in coming into flower this year? ..xx.


Thanks Josee.


Quick it was SBG considering that the college is on summer break and Right you are! You considered the tumbling effect of the ice age glacier I mentioned that was in my area. Since I only paint man made objects in my garden the rock fish will be placed au naturel in an oriental garden that I am presently making.

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A lovely colourful bed. I know what you mean about the colours really being brighter than the photo is showing.


Thank you both, that’s what I thought about spiders. I will have to investigate further.


Wow that was quick. Mind you I have found our Natural History museum equally good. I was sort of right then with clay rolled around under a glacier.

I think using it as a fish in your garden will be brilliant, especially if you paint it up like you do your other garden ornaments.

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Thank you FF..I'm so pleased we introduced a second water but this year.


Diascias are absolutely overflowing with flowers now..


Yes,reminds me of the sherbet fountains we had at school.


Thanks Lincs 🙂.

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I think it’s about 16 to 18 years old. It’s a very long-lived tree.


It looks so much bigger than I thought it was Sheila, you have a lovely garden and hubby did well with the bus shelter, made me chuckle as well...Lovely photo's....

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Oh Ange how annoying is that, I hate it when things are incorrectly named or in some cases no name at all, I've never been able to name three of my roses, I've spent hours browsing my books, rose catalogues and members photographs, I bought them years ago, they were advertised as Fountain Roses but no individual names, just when I think I might have the correct name I turn the page and lo and behold there are more that to me look the same, I given up trying now and I christened them unknown....


They are lovely roses, Feverfew, but you know what it's like (I'm sure), when you plant roses that are just too big for the space or flop over everything and threaten to lacerate you if you try and weed round them! I'm trying to make the garden easier for us to manage and most of the problems come from either my overplanting or not taking into account how big things will grow after 5 years or so.. You'd think after all these years I'd know better!!


That's what they tell us, Klahanie. It used to be that we could buy it back (composted) as soil conditioner from the local waste tips. Haven't seen it there for along while.


Thanks so much Lincs...tomorrow OH is going to extend the footpath and lay down the bark.

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Thanks Klahanie … my local friends appreciate the cuttings 🙂.


I like ‘pottering’, with no specific tasks to do you just find little jobs to do like deadheading, staking, watering, pruning etc….

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What happens with your green waste bins Anget. Is it being recycled as well?


I do not blame you Siris. I agree they are delightful and you have already nice collection.


Doing very well as I can see.Good job.


Thank you Klahanie. (Colours are actually more vivid than they appear in the photo 🙂)


Soft and lovely Sheila.


That's such a shame ... :o(


David, I just read that Penstemons can be grown in pots or garden boxes/troughs, water them well at first, then ensure they don't dry out completely.


Oh, that's annoying for you. Do you think maybe grubs of Lily Beetle were the culprits, or Vine Weevil grubs? Horrible things ... :o(

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Julia, the supermarket starting with M often has a good selection of Acers for sale. This one came from there many years ago ... :o)


Thank you Kate, Im proud of the yellow spider, its one of my crosses as is the one in the top right corner. The Daisy is Feverfew, seeds itself easily. A fortuitous combination?

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No Julia, these have been in the garden for a few years now. The yellow one I really liked has disappeared though ... typical! Mind you, it was a double flower, not much good for the Bees.


I agree ... as I eat a lot of salad I have been buying the supermarket bags of mixed leaf ... not as good as home grown though!


Julia, this is growing where I took a piece for you. Bit surprising as I'm sure it was the cream with dark centre in the past ... senior moment perhaps? Let me know what colour yours turns out to be ... :o))

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definitely not the spiders. Going by the loss of the 'fluffy' surface I'd say slugs were the main culprit.


Julia, if it's quite mild I don't mind. The really strong scent of some Vanilla products is not good for me ...


Thanks Julia, I dislike the really tall vivid yellow Sunflowers with the enormous heads as they always seem to fall over!


I love what my husband terms 'grubbing around' in the garden ... that can mean weeding, dead-heading, watering!

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Ams, that's very kind of you, many thanks.

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Off to find them shortly ...

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Josie, there are many 'stick-on' colourful transfers that can be put on glass doors. We used to have a row of Penguins on a patio door in a previous house ... just made folk aware of the door.

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Julia, you've gotta love the birds and their antics!

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Not the spider, 99% of them are carnivores.


Sandra, I would keep out of it too ... :o)

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Anget, I like to think t is still alive as I saw a young Bluetit trying to land on the feeding station today, wings flapping like crazy! So cute .....

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Thanks Josee :)

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Isn’t there anything one can put onto glass that will stop birds from crashing into it like this? I would hate to have happen, perhaps net curtains would do the trick, even though you might not like them. I was at a birthday party with my boys years ago & one of the visiting little boys ran at speed straight through a big glass window. Of course he didn’t know it was there & they should have put tape or something across it, kids always get exited & tear about. A trip to hospital followed. I didn’t get any follow up.

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I have posted two more photo's, (the third one wouldn't upload) of my ever increasing succulent collection. I find them so addictive...

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