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By adara


So I’ve only recently gotten into gardening and renewing my backyard. I have been thinking about how i’d like to design where my flowers will go. With a rectangular backyard, it wont be hard, yet i’m still confused as to how i’d like it to be designed.

As i was redoing the front garden bed i found some of these bulbs poking out of the dirt.

As i kept searching through the dirt to find all the bulbs, i found that This plant had spread so many bulbs via it’s roots that it took over a while layer of dirt around two centimeters think. Below is the plant that produced hundreds of bulbs.

Below are some of the plants that had over taken the front garden bed, which hadn’t been touched in years. You can also see the Aloe vera plant in the corner of the image. Although sadly most of them were infected, yet still usable. Although i was told not to remove all of them, so only two remain.

I’ve recently bought 12 Roses and started growing other various flowers. I’ve already gotten one flower that hasn’t opened yet on my Iceberg Rose. Although two of the rose i’m slightly concerned for as they haven’t shown any signs of buds.

Although i made the mistake that one of my flowers didn’t have blackspot, and took it out of the pot, because i thought it was completely infected. when i took it to the nursery, i was told different. This is the image of what i thought was blackspot. Hopefully it still grows.

At the time when i had taken the photos, I had already cut down the stem that you can see clearly. Hopefully I haven’t killed my Mister Lincoln Rose plant.

If anyone has any ideas as to how i could design my backyard, or even types of garden beds for the roses or any other plants. Let me know, any ideas will be helpful. This is an image of the backyard, which you can see is basically bare except my vegetable garden.


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Hi Adara ...
Nice to see your garden, and great that you have lots of enthusiasm :o)

If you scroll down to the alphabet at the base of the GoY page, and click on D... that will then allow you to click on Design Ideas ... and that may be a start in helping you with thoughts for your garden plans ...

I hope this helps :o)

28 Jul, 2011


Thanks Terratoonie, I have started to look their, but it makes it harder when you have to incorporate the issue of sunlight for roses. So maybe I'll take a design and then incorporate them. Thanks for the idea. :]

28 Jul, 2011

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