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Wow - is that the time!!


By adwen


Well I’ve had a good sleep and now winter has finished chucking all sorts at us, it’s time to get jiggy with the back garden! Did you see my garden pictures? Well, there are a few changes but nothing near what’s around the corner… can’t wait to get there as I haven’t the foggiest yet what it’ll look like!!!!

Don’t know about you guys but winter didn’t half make it’s presence felt this year…. fences missing all over the shop. Party fences both sides, last weekend plugged two gaping holes one side mainly created by neighbours children climbing on them, leaving other side looking even poorer by comparison. On other side there are now more gaps than fence. Those that remain are in poor state. This neighbour had me chasing quotes for months, following 18mth+ of hints and excuses over it’s replacement, only to mess fencers and yours truly around before I gave up! As for my lovely Cordyline, it’s gone along with greenhouse sold on (well worth a try) last week. While I’m trying to work out where I’m going with this, I’m on with removing the dwarf wall, foundations and pathways.

So the task in hand… after several very time consuming quotes last year and the need to both create a garden and reduce it’s cost, I’m going at least to try and sort most of it out myself. There will be a garden patio, small patio out of conservatory, cat house for wiffys hobby, productive raised beds, fruit tree or two and fruit bushes and a good dash of colour and fragrance….. hopefully a bee hive too…. sound great doesn’t it!

Now where did I leave my wand! Any suggestions? (“Don’t do it!”)

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Sounds like you have a big job to do - Good luck with it all and Happy Gardening.

6 Apr, 2011


Many thanks Mariek. I hope yours is getting sorted now - I feel like a kindred spirit here. I can't wait to see my wife (also many health challenges) enjoying some quality time in garden or looking out on it. Another chunk of greenhouse foundation removed tonight!

6 Apr, 2011

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