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Hello everyone,

There is another new tab on members’ pages on Grows on You – Blog

So get your writing cap on and blog away. A blog is basically an online journal. We envisage different people will use their blog in different ways. I will be using my blog to tell you all about Grows on You features I am working on.

Talk about your garden, your thoughts on gardening, what you’re planting, what’s in bloom, vegetables, your allotment, Gardening and global warming, square foot gardening, or just what you did in your garden this weekend

Happy blogging.

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What a great addition to the site! I'll definitely be making use of this one to justify my reasons for having an eccentric garden this year!

2 Jul, 2007


Great David! I really look forward to reading your Wizard of Oz garden blog :)

2 Jul, 2007


A useful addition Ajay, thank you.

3 Jul, 2007


Thanks for letting us let off steam, Ajay - as they say, 'It's good to talk'!

5 Jul, 2007


Hi Ajay, can you help me with this question? Each time I add to my blog, will it display as a separate single entry on the blogs page? Is this the reason I have to type in the title each time I want to add something?

6 Jul, 2007


Hi David. Yes, each blog post will appear as a separate entry. If you think of your blog as a Book, then each entry is a Chapter. The titles can be seen as Chapter names. So maybe you would have titles like "Inspiration", "The Future", "Summer on the Yellow Brick Road" etc. But then again, the book analogy may be a bit too formal. The blog is basically there for members to spill their guts about what they are doing in their gardening lives. Hope this answers your question.

7 Jul, 2007


Thanx Ajay, that is what I thought. I think I'll just keep my working title as is and put 1,2,3,etc after each entry so I can keep track of the order. Thanx again. PS. I would have liked to put in short quotes from the book where appropriate but am worried that this may be illegal without permission of copyright owners. Can you help me with this one also?

7 Jul, 2007


David, The EFF published a legal guide for blogging a while ago ( Note this is US focused, however it covers "Fair use". Quoting in small amounts and attributing them to the book is probably ok... but then I am no lawyer :)

8 Jul, 2007


Thanx again, Ajay. I will, however, try to resist writing actual quotes, to be on the saf sid.

8 Jul, 2007

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