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Seed experiment


I’ve been reading over and over on the internet that when a seed floats it’s not viable. Only keep the seeds that sink and get rid of the rest. So, I wanted to test this theory.

I soaked five Erythrina Indica seeds. One sunk to the bottom and the other four floated. Placed the one in a single pot then added more water and waited another 12 hours for the four that floated. They didn’t sink, I planted them all together in a little pot thinking they were not going to germinate. To my surprise the four that did not sink germinated two days before the one that sunk. Just goes to show you….

Two days later the one in a pot by itself really took off. Here it is:

These are the other four that have germinated. I’m thinking they are going to need a big pot very soon.

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Fascinating experiment... well done !
don't believe everything you read on the internet.. Lol.

25 Feb, 2012


Thank you Terra.

My thought exactly. ;o)

25 Feb, 2012


Lol. :o)))

25 Feb, 2012


They are probably a bit like human genes , some stronger and faster than others .
A good experiment though .

25 Feb, 2012


and of course some plants do use water as their method of dispersal and they have to germinate.

25 Feb, 2012


Interesting eh???

25 Feb, 2012


Brill stuff - I never ever get anything to grow from seed - this is great :)))))))) first one's like bat shaped ;)))

25 Feb, 2012


I'd never heard that theory about seeds. I'm glad your experiment worked.

25 Feb, 2012


Thanks Driad and seaburngirl, I'm glad you all enjoyed the experiment.

Good Sheilar eh? ;o)

Soaking a seed ends its dormancy.

I was having bad luck with a certain set of I started reading up on seeds and germination.

Maybe now you can give it a try Paul. ;o)

Hywel, if you do a search you will find this over and was driving me nuts. I hate throwing away things I like.

26 Feb, 2012


I believe that theory has it's roots in Tomato and Chilli seeds, where it does appear to be the case.
Also, if a seed has a rough texture enough air can get stuck to the seed coat to keep it afloat - a prod or two with a finger will dislodge the air and see the seed sink to the bottom.

11 Mar, 2012


Whatever the case.....I will not be throwing any seeds away. I wil try dislodging the air and see what happens (next time). They will all get sown. Would you risk it???

11 Mar, 2012


With my chillies I just toss the floaters that are left after a poke - it is a good guide for these.

Other stuff (hard to get hold of) - no.

11 Mar, 2012


How did the Erythrina do Alex?

30 Jan, 2014


Not well Meanie. Lost both of them last winter. They had too many thorns anyway.

31 Jan, 2014


That's a downer!
The trick with the thorns is to not stick them into your fingers!!!!!

2 Feb, 2014

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