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New Rosemary


By alextb


A couple of days ago, I was browisng through the gardening section of my local Wilkinson store when something caught my eye. I looked at the tag and it said rosemary. I was surprised as I thought rosemary were small herbs, and that is how I have always seen them at Garden Centres.

Of course that ended up in my arms along with a pot and a large heavy bag of compost, and then ended up at the till.

My arms hurt when I got home because the compost was heavy, but well worth it.

The tag says that it can grow 1 metre x 1 metre, but less in a pot. It is in a pot, and maybe the limit on growth would be better.

Anyway, the picture is below, as I know that is what you really want to see, rather than ready my waffle.



Kneeling pad on underside

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A good healthy plant, by the looks of it. It might be a shame to keep it in a pot. They don't grow all that quickly.
I like the stool--how useful.

5 Mar, 2011


Good purchases :o)

5 Mar, 2011


Have had my Rosemary for years Alex hasn't got ver big at all, i just clip it every year to keep in shape. Lovely when they flower pretty lilac flowers and the bees love it

5 Mar, 2011


There are different types of rosemary ... mine is like a climber ... almost all the way up a 6 ft

5 Mar, 2011


I have Miss Jessops Upright. It can grow to 2m x 2M but I keep it cut to fit the space it has and I use a lot of it. For a headache chew some leaves and it will help. Lovely with roast Lamb and Pork and I put some in my roasted veg. I do not cut it up small just bruise it a bit and put the whole stem in. I remove it before serving. It also goes well with venison, any cut. That looks like a great buy. I did not know Wilkinsons did such big plants. I would imagine it has been in a sheltered environment so I would keep it in the pot inside or near the house in a sheltered position. If you want it in the garden do not plant it out until about April/May. We have one of those kneeler and it was a good buy. So handy for older people who have difficulty getting up.

5 Mar, 2011


It will have to stay in the pot, because I have no room at all in the beds. also, I think it needs a bigger pot, as it seems to be top heavy, as again it is on its side this morning. I am still slightly suspicious, as when I cam home from dinner out in the evening around 7pm, it was still upright, but it seems to "fall" overnight.

6 Mar, 2011


I have updated the Rosemary picture, as I needed top replant it in to a bigger pot to stop it faling or being knocked over.

6 Mar, 2011


Enjoy your rosemary, I'm sure you will.
I have grown one for many years now, love using it with roast lamb and also brushing my hands through it to increase the smell from it each time I walk by. I had to replace mine last year, the original didn't survive that winter so I over-wintered the new one in the greenhouse this year.

9 Mar, 2011


Does rosemary last for years, or will it need replacing every few years?

I bought it mainly for foliage and Summer flowering.

9 Mar, 2011


It will last for years but just in case why not take a few cuttings. This can be done anytime. See the site below for instructions. Rosemary is from the mint family so it roots very easily.

9 Mar, 2011


O.K, thanks Scotsgran.

10 Mar, 2011

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