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FINALLY!! An ASBO for the troublemaker


By alextb


WARNING! Long and descriptive blog of criminal offences

Some of you are aware that for over a year, I have been experiencing trouble from a particular individual who had a hold on the kids when he was around.

He committed criminal damage towards myself, including breaking garden pots and ornaments, including the theft and damage to solar lights and solar security lights. He also broke 2 windows and was the cause of another.

Criminal danage including damaging front doors, noticeboards (using a lighter on the cork boards) and smashing windows

Throwing food, mud, snow and stones at people’s windows.

Imitating a deaf lady (speech) and copying a very dinstinct limp she has

Supergluing a yale lock, so that the door could not be opened. (a locksmith had to open the residents door.)

Burning a residents door with a lighter

Leaving exrement on one of the block landimgs and telling the catetaker to clean it up

Breaking in to communal electricity cupboards on occasions and shutting the internal and external lights off, and smashing the spare internal strobe light bulbs.

Tagging (graffitti) walls, including my bedroom wall, bins, ralings, insides of lifts to larger blocks.

Slashing various peoples tyres. One disabled resident had all 4 slashed but didn’t realise until she was on the main road. Her mobilty car was off the road for the whole day, meaning that she couldn’t go anywhere and missed work.

He threw a commnal bin over, and then came to my door with a metal bar demanding i open it or he would smash it. The police attended, and he hid in the bushes, so they could not find him or the weapon, but they visited his Mum and said they would be back in a couple of hours and if it wasn’t cleaned up, he was going to be arrested.

One day, I was going to check the new Summer gardening section of a shop, and he was at the enterance to the estate, and decided to block my path with his bike, blow cigarette smoke in my face, and follow me on his bike up the road hurling abuse at me. I became so afraid for my welfare and safety, that I made a detour and went in to my local police station. I was told that the officer I wanted to see wasn’t on duty until later, and when I got home I phoned the control room, and reported what had happened. two female officers attended and said that as I had a harassment order against him, that he was under arrest. I found out later, he was released due to lack of evidence.

He would bully the smaller children

He would shout abuse at people walking around the estate, including racist comments to people from other ethnic backgrounds.

Firing BB Guns at peoples property and firing at people whilst following them. The police were horrified that he had discharged a firearm at people. lathough it was only a BB gun, he had fired at people.

There is more, but I can’t remember at the moment. Well done if you managed to read this far.

If you can bear to carry on, below are just a few pictures of some of the more minor offences.

Edging fencing oulled up, and lilies pulled up. All lilies died within a week, eventhough I did my best to save them.

2 solar lights knocked down

Solar security light came down after being pelted with compacted snow/ ice balls. ( a mixture of snow and refrozen melted snow.)

BB Gun pellets inside my block. The same as were fired at me.

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What has been done, Alex? It's such a shame that your problems with this piece of trash have been allowed to escalate to this point. I get so fed up with the "we can't do anything" attitude that law enforcement tend to have; if they know that someone's a troublemaker, why can't they just put him away? A slap on the wrist will not deter that sort of person, they need to play hardball with him. How old is he? He's probably been like that since he was a child & nothing was done then, so now you're in the situation you're in today. I wish you the best of luck.

6 Mar, 2011


Im a NHW Co-ordinater everytime he does this make a diary of it and what he does , date ,time even to what he's wearing at the time.Do this say for 2 to 4 weeks , then if this person is in denial im sure the police could say well do you own this particular item of clothing and see how he reacts.but the police should be sorting it out.

When you ring the police up they should also give you an incident number .If they dont i would ask why?

Something should be done about this

6 Mar, 2011


I have a ringbinder full of diary entries. Dates, times and full descriptions. He now has an ASBO, as well as his family being kicked off the estate. His Mum and siblings moved down to Cornwall, but he decided to stay with his Dad in London, near this estate. before the ASBo, his dad would drop him off to see his friends here. I am hoping that the ASBO will prevent him from coming back. A PCSO that I know on the Safer Neighbourhoods eam told me that I should dial 999 immeadiately if I see him on the estate as he has the ASBo, and the council Neighbourhood Manager confirmed this.

Hopefully, we should get some peace.

Although he caused a lot of fear, including where some people would not leave their flats due to the amount of fear, but some of us agreed to make statements to the police whenasked, and now we have a result.

He is about 15/16, and has been a troubelmaker sinvce he was small, but as long as he was away from his Mum, she couldn't care less. He did get away with it, and even when he was arrested when older, his solicitor got him off of it. But it looks like his solicitor was powerless against the courts this time.

6 Mar, 2011


So he's young, and unless he's locked up now he'll turn into an adult troublemaker and an adult troublemaker is going to be worse. How long will it be until this kid kills somebody?
I doubt any kind of order will keep him away from the vicinity. Who cares about his "rights," they need to make him get gone and stay gone.

6 Mar, 2011


I agree Laura

6 Mar, 2011


Outrageous....sorry to hear about this. It is a pity that sometimes someone has to actually be seriously injured before appropriate action is taken by the powers that be. What if the lighter incident had caused a serious fire/death? Who would be responsible? I don't think an ASBO is enough, and as he is a minor his parents should be held accountable and fined!Someone has given him money to buy a BB gun.

6 Mar, 2011


I have a real problem with these blogs! as I feel its one sided and misguided - sorry but this is how I feel

6 Mar, 2011


I think he has a mental problem. I hope he can see a therapist or psychiatrist - he obviously needs help to overcome his irresponsibility, and to act like a law abiding addult.
I'm sorry to hear of all the trouble he's caused and hope things will improve now.

6 Mar, 2011


Sunrose, he did actually cause a fire one evening, and one of the blocks had to be evacuated, afetr he set light to something in the communal hallway. I had a small fire extinguisher, and managed to put it out. The Fire Brigade attended to make sure it would not reignite. They were contacted by the police control room, and an ambulace was requested for an asthmatic with smoke inhaltion and he was taken to hospital.

No-one was arrested, as there was no proof, but he had been seen in that block 10 minutes before the fire was discovered, and he somehow saw the smoke and "rushed" to the block before the residents even smelt smoke, and the block doors were closed so no smoke had escaped.

People were shaken up and the only damage was minor smoke damage on the walls, and everyone went back in to their flats.

What made even more angry is that 9 children live i n that block and all were put in danger.

DRC 726, the blog is one sided as that is the experiences of the residents and myself.

7 Mar, 2011


This afternoon, one of the local kids said that he was at the front of thje estate, so i said I'd wa;k him to the front as he was afraid he would get beaten up. After walking him to the entrance, I called the police and they said that they would send some officers.

He breached his ASBO, so he was committing an offence. he saw a police vehicle turning up, and legged it.

7 Mar, 2011


I feel it is trial by mob!

7 Mar, 2011


This is not a trial and I do not take kindly to being referred to as part of a mob. This is not something that only I can vouch for. This is something many others where I live have witnesseed and been victims of. The police and council are well aware of his actions.

The charges are brought by the council and police, and the trial is conducted by a judge.

I just documented the truth, and others commented on how the felt after reading this.

If you are uncomfortable with this blog, then please feel free to click "stop following" on your homepage.

Nobody is forcing you to read this.

I am sorry if it feels that I am being rude and having a go at you, but I feel very strongly about this, and he has been allowed to get away with it, making mine and other peopoles lives hell.

8 Mar, 2011


Alextb I am very sorry to hear of your experiences due to this boy. It is sad that we have to give youngsters ASBOs and ask a family to leave their home because the boy in question is out of control. My son was set upon by older boys who did not know him and he had never seen them before, just because he was there. Another parent saw what was happening and stopped their car to ask what was going on. Fortunately the boys ran away.As my son was late for tea I went out looking for him. I had the car and when I saw him coming I turned round to came home. I waved at him but was ignored. He also ignored two of my neighbours who were talking at a front door. He reached home first and when i got in he was standing in the hall shaking like a leaf and sobbing hysterically. He was 10 years old. His glasses and his watch were broken. The police arrived within five minutes and told us they knew the culprits and other officers were on their way to pick them up. One of the boys was already out on bail for a similar offence. I was in shock things like that do not happen in small rural communities, but it did. We were so grateful for the prompt and unselfish act of the parents of the other child who stopped in spite of the fact that there was a car load of youths including the three who were kicking ***** out of my son. It was a brave thing they did and but for them he might have suffered brain damage or worse. Please Drc726 you do not understand and hopefully never will understand what Alex and that community are going through. Be grateful that you do not. I think it helps Alex in some small way to know that some of us sympathise although we are not on hand to help.

9 Mar, 2011


I am sorry to hear about what happened to your son. Drc726 will hopefully not go through this. You cannot fully understand as much as you think you do, until you actually go through it. For over a year I and the community went through this.

10 Mar, 2011


My son is now in his forties and has made an name for himself in International circles in his chosen profession. The French president gave him an award for some very important work he did and his achievements have far surpassed any ambitions we might have had for him. He is an unassuming man and goes quietly about his business without fear or favour. He has a lovely wife and although they do not have children are both devoted to each other and supportive of each other. They live modestly and are keen on outdoor activities. We are very proud of him as we are of all of our children. My father and father in law both died because of injuries sustained in WW2. I get so angry that their sacrifice and that of soldiers to this day is being undermined because of fear in their own country of youths, too young to realise the damage they are doing, to themselves as well as others. I hope it has helped you to air your views and let us know the outcome of your struggle. It might support others in the same situation to know that your persistance can make a difference. I do not blame Drc for her views but as you say this blog was not intended for people who have not had to experience your problems at first hand.

10 Mar, 2011


Some very ditsurbing and sick news which is too disturbing to go in to arose today and 4 police officers had to visit 2 boys last night and they have been collected by CID to make video statements.

I knew he was bad new, but never actually knew how evil he could be.

I was horrified and sickened.

I am glad to hear that your son has achieved so much, and it is a shame that after all that fighting, we are in fear of youths.

10 Mar, 2011


Well, they have been raised to believe they are entitled to everything, without having to work for it. And don't even try to reprimand somebody else's child. I got in trouble at work because a little boy took a kitten out of the cat room and was walking around the shelter with it, holding it upside down, and I took the cat away from him & told him he had to be gentle, and the parents took offence and complained. The parents clearly knew that child was hurting the kitten - other shelter visitors complained about it - but would not intervene. Of course the kid started whining when I put the kitten back in the cage & mom and dad didn't want to listen to whining, it was just easier to let their brat torture an innocent baby. Perhaps they should try to nip that bad behavior in the bud now.

10 Mar, 2011


I totally agree with you Lauram, why should you stand there and watch a poor innocent animal being treated so badly, THEY should have been watching him, it was THEIR responsibility. I know what we would have got in our childhood days .....A smacked Botty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!......Just to let us know we couldn't do things like that, and I can assure, you it didn't do us any harm!! ---- but we wouldnt have dreamed of being cruel to an animal anyway.

Alex, I know exactly what your going through, we went through something like this for years by one lot of our neighboughs, they even used to have knives, and fight their own relatives .and friends!!!! With friends like that Who needs enemies?????

13 Apr, 2011


I very nearly got WRITTEN UP for that! So, I suppose we are supposed to excuse bad behavior by a child because mommy and daddy pay taxes and might complain? That's why we have to put up with it, so they don't complain to the county commissioners. We see what happens with those kids - we have a lot of community service workers at work and most are young. Some are in for silly things like throwing a cigarette butt out a car window (not that you should do that, but I don't think it deserves a $1000 fine and 100 community service hours), but many are working off fines for stealing car parts at the impound lot or driving waaaaay over the speed limit or shoplifting or underage drinking. I'm 43 and I just don't remember that many kids from my school getting into that much trouble. And you wouldn't believe it, some of them get 200 hours and finish them and a few months later they're back with another few hundred hours for doing something else. They don't learn.

13 Apr, 2011


I agree with you Lauram, I'm an oldie at 65 and Gosh! things have changed. We were bought up to do what we were told and to respect our elders, and there was disipline at school not like now.....and we still enjoyed our childhoods inspite of this. If any child was caught doing anything wrong by a policeman, they were reprimanded and then taken home to their parents, where they got another punishment.......but nothing like that now is there?

19 Apr, 2011

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