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Wind Damage


By alextb


This morning there has been quite a few gusts of strong wind, and I found the scene below.

The scene

The broken hyancinth

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That's a shame, Alex. I hope you are able to help them to recover so you can enjoy their colour once again.

It's very strong wind here today as about to go out and survey the garden, hoping for no nasty surprises!

10 Mar, 2011


I love the red berry bush in the pot and that yellow pansy makes me smile. We have had a fair bit of wind damage too today and over the winter. I think i might have lost an 8' tall rhododendron. My bay tree will probably need to be cut back severely because of wind damage but it will need to wait until the better weather. Could you get a couple of nails into the wall so you could fix the shrub in place and stop it toppling. I find the wind dries the earth out making the plants even more vulnerable because then it gets so light the wind catches the plant, which acts like a sail and over it goes. It is a shame about the hyacinch too but if you have a wire flower holder that you could set it in in a bowl of water it might open up so you can enjoy the heady perfume. Take care if you go out. I am fairly heavy but I wasalmost knocked off my feet.

10 Mar, 2011


sorry about your damage Alex, its pretty windy here to so keeping an eye on my pots etc ;o(

10 Mar, 2011


very windy over here too, and very strong storms yesterday - I lost a few tree limbs but that's all.

11 Mar, 2011


Pitty about your shrub and hyacinth. I hope the wind has died down now.

11 Mar, 2011


Thw wind has now died down. The firethorn is recovering in a sheltered spot for the moment.

I agree that it is a shame about the hyacintyh, but it will come up next year.

11 Mar, 2011


What a pitty about the high wind doing so much damage, especially the Hyacintyh, i don't think there is any thing nicer that the smell of a Hyacintyh

12 Mar, 2011

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