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Cordyline advive coutesy of Gardeners World Magazine.


By alextb


Extract taken from Gardenerers world Q&A section.

“Our 12 ft cordyline has been hammered by the severe winter. All the leaves have fallen off, and the top nine inches or so is soggy.

Will it revive in Spring?"

*Cordylines often produce shots from woody trunks when top growth is killed.

Wait until later this month to see where buds appear and break.

Don’t know whether I was able to provide any advice and if it was helpful and put peoples mund at rest.

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Lots of big cordylines looking very sick round here Alex but fortunately mine is OK. A few weeks ago we went to London, where I see you live, and I was very surprised to see not only lots of healthy green cordylines but also some red ones. Thanks for passing on that advice, I'm glad I don't need it!

27 Mar, 2011


I hope this is of help to some. I don't have any cordilynes but I know lots of people have had them damaged. It's nice to know they will re grow

28 Mar, 2011


London seemed to have survived the winter quite well. The snow we did have seemed to insualte the plants. Seedlings I had that got covered were as green and healthy as before the snow.

28 Mar, 2011


arrrr i sawthat on the program ............. monty said to cut it low on solid trunk , not soggy ............ and it shud grow again , but wud prob spilt . you can watch it on i player .

11 Apr, 2011

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