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Goodbye Sunny


By alextb


A bit of a sad and hard blog for me to write, but I feel that typing this out will help me get my emotions out.

As some of you know I have owned budgies for a few years (4 in total). I now have 1.

Last Monday, I took Sunny in for an emergency vet visit after he became severely distressed that morning. Upon examination he appeared to have a small wound which looked like a budgie bite from a fight.

I was sent home with some pain medication for him and he had a check up this Wednesday and the vet said that the wound was doing well and the bruising had subsided.

Last night he became very distressed again and upon avian (bird) vet advice, he was separated from the other and placed in the travel cage for the night.

I took him straight to the vets first thing, and bear in mind he was already in the travel cage which is enclosed on 3 sides, so I didn’t see him properly.

When the vet took him out, we were both horrified to see a large nasty wound on his right wing, then it got worse. He also had one on the other wing. Overnight he had ripped feathers from both wings. He was in terrible pain.

The vet told me that he was in for a very long and intensive recovery, which may still not work.

She decided to let him out to see how well he could fly.

All he did was wobble around the table. He was not with it and was not in good shape whatsoever.

My Mum came in to the examination room and I just started crying, so the vet told my Mum that we had come to a decision to relieve him of his pain, and let him slip away.

He was taken to the operating theatre and overdosed on anaesthetic gas.

He has now been buried next to one of my others.

He was a rescue budgie who was adopted by me after Sky’s previous companion was put to sleep.

I have fought back tears whilst writing this, and have taken the day off work, as I can’t face it.

Sky, my remaining budgie is very stressed and is breathing heavily. She is now my main concern.

Sunny passed away at approximately 9:45am, and will be missed greatly.

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I am so sorry to hear this it must be so hard for you.
It is so very distressing when we loose a much loved pet but having rescued him you gave him a loving home and I hope this gives you some comfort.
& weeks ago we lost our beloved Cat (Guy) after 15 years and we are still tearful about it and miss him so much. We now have another cat and although she is a delight and it has helped us our hearts are still with Guy.
I do hope Sky recovers and you can comfort each other.
Best wishes at this sad time Denise. x

2 Oct, 2015


One could live ninety years and in passing be mourned for a few days then forgotten. Yet our non human friends and companions live upon this earth for just a little while and leave an almost indelible impression of remembrance of love, joy, and their never ending effort to make you happy. They represent totally the good and delightful goings on in life and of course we sorely miss them. You have my sympathy and best regards.

2 Oct, 2015


Thank You both. It is tough. I am just trying to give Sky space & peace, but also companionship. I am sitting in the same room, and talk to her. But also give her some time alone, or in room with her just being quiet.

2 Oct, 2015


Sending you sympathy Alex.

2 Oct, 2015


Alex its always hard to lose a beloved pet, I think poor little Sunny was in pain to do that to himself and I think it would have been cruel to prolong the suffering, try to think of the joy he gave you and companionship as well, you gave him a loving home and did the best you could have done ....

2 Oct, 2015


Compared to what some animals suffer in the wild the ones who are lucky enough to have owners like you for their years here on earth are blessed indeed.

Never be ashamed of crying. Tears are nature's way of healing. When you have cried you will feel better.

2 Oct, 2015


Thank You. I have tried to keep busy, but the raw feelings are still there. I just hope that after a night's sleep, Sky & I can feel a bit better. It has been a stressful and tiring day.

2 Oct, 2015


Sorry to read this.....we get very attached to our pets and it's very hard losing them!

2 Oct, 2015


Sorry. The old memory again. I got the quotation wrong.

'Never be ashamed of crying. Tears are nature's safety
valve. When you have cried you will feel better.'

The man who said it to me had worked at the hospital for many years. He had seen a lot of sadness.

3 Oct, 2015


Thanks. Sky has also perked up a bit. She has returned to her normal vocal self.

4 Oct, 2015


Its good to hear Sky is a bit chirpier. My daughters budgie left us about 14 years ago and the other week she recalled how he used to put his head on one side and give her a special look when she was being silly. Its lovely to think a small bird gave her such happy memories.

4 Oct, 2015


Thanks Denise. Yes they are only small, but they are cheeky & quirky creatures, that bring large amounts of joy to those lucky enough to be around them.

4 Oct, 2015

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