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The tree surgeons came at 11.30 yesterday morning and left at 13.30 and what a difference not bad for just two hours work they said they have to come back with a grinding machine to remove the stumps the first time they told me they were going to inject them well who cares as long as they go.

Just wondering whose coming back the Surgeon or the Dentist.

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Looks nice and bright now. I wanted a tree cut down to half it's size, a tree surgeon quoted over £500.00 :(( I have left it for now. :(((

17 Jun, 2011


yes u will get much more light and a view. michaela at 500 quid think i would leave it as well

17 Jun, 2011


Michaella, don't just get one quote. I was quoted £580. to take a tree down and cut one back, I thought that was outrageous so I got two more quotes one at £340. and the last one at £180. guess which one I went for and in fact he was the only one, that new how to cut the tree properly.

17 Jun, 2011


That was a good price Jennyh, I still would like to have that tree cut down, but the problem is, since then I have a lot more plants and worry about damage :((((

17 Jun, 2011


I bet the neighbours were glad it was felled. Do you have an overall master plan for the garden - it seems an usual shape.

17 Jun, 2011


Hi, Michaella yes it has made some difference just waiting on the stumps to be grinded out,luckily I didn't pay for it the council did or it would have cost me thousands don't you think some prices are so ridiculous at the moment.

Cazcat not worried to much about the view plenty of light and nice back garden at the end.

Jennyh well done keep on hagglin.

Kfunsters the neighbours are very delighted it's not just our garden thats getting alot more light but theirs as well.Plans for the garden keep chopping and changing the poor rabbit has moved house that many times in the past couple of days it was sitting looking at me last night thinking move me again I'm going to bite you lol.The garden is an unusual shape I think the boundry fence has been moved the council are looking into it.

19 Jun, 2011


Great job....and lucky for you that there was no cost involved as the council undertook the work for you. Our daughter has just had 4 or 5 large conifers taken down today (but done at a very reasonable price as it was done by friends of her hubby's who are experienced). Only fail was the shredder which was way too small to take care of the branches so they'll have to cut them up and get most of them to the tip.

You'll appreciate having all the light now and will notice an improvement in your grass too I expect.

26 Jun, 2011


Thanks Whistonlass yes it's a good job they did or it would have cost me a pretty penny.Don't have any grass yet,don't know where to put it ( LOL ).

4 Jul, 2011


lol yet another advantage of being a council tenant! I worked it out once that I could, just maybe, afford a place of my own - that is, I might be able to afford to buy it, but to keep it up? to have to pay for everything to be done that, now, I just ring up the council to do??

It always gets me with gardening books, when the design plans show trees overhanging fences - don't they think that people have neighbours on the other side who might object? Obviously, these people live in total vacuums, with no neighbours at all.

and too many people will plant inappropriately - I'm sure we've all seen trees planted to close to houses, because the eventual height of the tree wasn't taken into account when planting. The first thing I look at when considering a plant, even a flower, is its eventual height and spread; I've crossed several off my want list just for that.

27 Dec, 2011

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